Boris Brainin

Picture of Boris Brainin

Date of Birth: 08/10/1905

Age: 90

Citizenship: Austria


It comes from the famous Viennese Brainin family (it.). Parents: Leo Brainin and Rivitta (Riva Itta) Brainin (nee Trahter, Nikolaev.). When B.L.Brayninu been a few months, his mother returned with him to Vienna from Nikolaev, where she went to visit her parents. The fact of birth in the territory of the Russian Empire contributed to subsequently obtain B.L.Brayninym Soviet citizenship. It saved his life, unlike his brother William (Willie), born in Vienna itakzhe subsequently emigrated to the USSR, where he was returned after the Anschluss (Austria joining Germany), and died in Majdanek.

He graduated from the University of Vienna (1934) with a degree of Doctor of Philology (Germanic). Member of the Communist Party of Austria (1927), head of the youth of propaganda teams. Awarded Honorary Member of the Communist Party of Austria and the medal. Koplenga for his services in the struggle against fascism.

In 1934, the year was forced to flee from Vienna after the defeat of the uprising of Vienna, where he took part on the side of schutzbund. In the USSR, he was arrested by the NKVD and was in the camps of Northern Ural 1938-42 biennium. and labor army until 1945, then in exile in Nizhny Tagil in the Tomsk to disqualification. It rehabilitated in 1957. Moved from Tomsk to Moscow with the assistance of S. Marshak and famous translator of Leo Ginzburg. He worked in the newspaper "Pravda" (actually litkonsultantom was in the "Neues Leben" ( "Neues Leben"), the newspaper Soviet Germans with the "truth"). Many made for the establishment, maintenance and development of the literature of the Soviet Germans. Member of the Union of Soviet Writers (1959), the Moscow Union of Writers.

He immigrated to Austria in 1992. His archive is stored mainly in the Vienna Museum of Literature (see de:. Literaturhaus) and partly in the University of Bremen (Germany).

Father of Russian and German musician and writer Valeria (Willie) Borisovich Brainin-Passek (1948, Nizhny Tagil).