Boril Boril

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Citizenship: Bulgaria


Boryl - king of Bulgaria, of the Asen dynasty - the son of the sister of Tsar Kaloyan. When it Bulgaria, weakened due to the expansion of neighboring powers and separatism big feudal lords lost a number of areas in the south and west.

After the death of Kaloyan, he came to the throne. Historians believe that he was one of the organizers of the conspiracy against Kaloyan. After his accession to the throne, he begins the persecution of Assen. Possible contenders to the throne has to spasatsya escape - among them, the future Tsar Ivan Asen II, son of Ivana Asen I. He runs first to the Polovtsy, and then in the Galicia-Volyn principality. Board Borila characterize the complete destabilization of the country. Several lords declared their independence and as a result of incompetent government, boryl lost a lot of territory won from the brothers Asen dynasty. He was dethroned in 1218, the rightful heir to the kingdom - Ivan Asen II.

Immediately after the accession of Bulgaria Borila deposited some powerful lords, including the despot Alexey Slav, relying on an impregnable fortress of Melnik. Relative Kaloyan Sergey Stresa tried to overthrow Borila, failed and fled to Serbia, with the support of the Serbs captured that part of Macedonia, which belonged to Bulgaria before, and began to rule there. Taking advantage of the weakening of Bulgaria, the Emperor Henry, a talented commander, led his army against the Bulgarians, the completed new knights of Flanders and Normandy. Talentless boryl was completely defeated at Philippopolis August 1, 1208, despite the fact that gathered 33 thousand. army. Despot Slav Henry obeyed and got in flax captured Bulgarians land. In 1209 boryl, fearing defection of Macedonia, he acknowledged Stresa her ruler and gave him Sebastocrator title. Bulgaria was still strong when in 1211 Emperor Henry returned from a trip to Greece, boryl sent troops to occupy the passes in the mountains between Thessaloniki and Constantinople. However, Henry drove the Bulgarian army, and in the fall of 1211 broke Borila in battle. Soon after the marriage with the daughter of Henry Borila was signed, the wedding was celebrated lavishly in Constantinople. Henry needed an ally against the kingdom of Epirus and unruly feudal lords, and was glad boryl alliance with any enemy, hoping to save his throne from the legitimate heir of Ivan Asen, who gained the squad in the Galician Principality. Union was also directed against the Greeks, who were amplified with every passing year and ousted the crusaders from the occupied territories. Against the Latin Empire and Bulgaria reached a coalition despot of Epirus Theodore Angel despot Alexey Slav and Serbian Prince Stefan the First-Crowned. Henry and boryl made a joint campaign in Serbia, but Serbs have been successfully recorded, and Henry died in June 1216.

During the reign of Borila against the usurper king revolted boyars who supported the rightful heir to the throne. They settled in the Danube Vidin fortress, which became the focus of the struggle against the king. Hungarians, taking advantage of the plight of Bulgarian and Branichev zahvaili Belgrade, and boryl not only reconciled with this loss, but called on the Hungarian King Andras II against the boyars in Vidin. Hungarians have won for him Vidin, looting while northern Bulgaria.

Boryl tried unsuccessfully to consolidate its position in the convening of the cathedral in 1211, condemned bogomilstvo. As a result of diligent prosecution of heretics, "the country was flooded with streams of blood," and the king, the usurper, despite some external success, became hated by the majority of subjects.