Boguslaw Linda

Picture of Boguslaw Linda

Date of Birth: 06/27/1952

Age: 64

Birthplace: Torun

Citizenship: Poland


He graduated from the Theatre School in Krakow in 1974. He has performed on the stage of the Old Theatre in Krakow, then Polish Theatre in Wroclaw. Since 1984 works in Warsaw. On the small screen debut role in the movie "Dagny" (1977). The first significant role - Gryzyak anarchist political drama A. Holland "Fever" (1980) and Saint-Just in the least political "Danton" A. Wajda (1982). After these tapes Linda intensively removed and becomes one of the most popular actors of the younger generation. Unfortunately, most of his film at the time of martial law in Poland were banned by the censor, and Linda`s name permanently disappear from the Polish paintings titles. Fracture occurs only in 1987, when a shot "off the shelf" such tapes as "Case" K. Kieslowski, "Mother of Kings" Ya Zaorskogo, "Lonely Woman" by A. Holland, "Tycoon" F. Baiona.

In subsequent years, the actor actively removed in Poland, Hungary, Denmark. The most famous movies 90s - "Kroll" (1991), "Sauna" and "Dogs" (1992), "Private City" (1993), "Psy-2" (1995). In many of them, Linda plays in the nervous, stressed the "American" way ostronegativnye the role of the "new masters of life": gangsters, policemen, businessmen, people living alone, cruel, ruthless, but, strictly speaking, psychologically defenseless. Exception - a lyrical role in the film "Daddy" (1995). In 1990 he made his directorial debut film "Seychelles", the center of which - the fate of a new "lost generation" in today`s Poland.

Actor`s work:

1. Shaman - 1996 (Drama)

2. The guard for the daughter - 1997 (Action)

3. Pan Tadeusz - 2000 ()