Picture of Bodawpaya

Age: 79

Citizenship: Myanmar


Bodawpaya Badon Min - Burma`s people hardly do not know the name. And do not assume that the junction of the Golden Triangle, opium paradise, which includes Burma, known for exceptionally intoxicating tales millennium. No, no and NO. Bodawpaya alone means a lot for this country. He was born in 1740, died in 1819, but still has his name inscribed on the tablets. And it was one of the most famous kings of Burma, but rather the offspring of a famous dynasty Konbaung Dynasty. On the throne, he joined at the age of 42 years, waiting for his fate, planned to bring the country out of a fierce battle with the British. Bodawpaya considered himself the fourth son of the founder of the dynasty Alaunpan. On the throne after the governor, who died from an overdose of opium. The most notable achievement Bodopayischitalos that in the first place, he settled in the army orders and restored the state treasury surplus. For Burma, it was a panacea for all current misfortunes. In addition, the list of his accomplishments did not end there. To list all of his accomplishments, you have to write a huge volume, or fly into Burma and learn everything in place, although there is need to rent an airplane, but there is not so easy to get! But if we limit ourselves dry comments, you can get away with an overview of events. So, in 1783 the King changes the location of the capital of Amarapura and becomes the new center of Burma. In 1784, the Burmese army, under the leadership of King invaded Arakan, and the king Tamada taken prisoner. Kind and caring, the king of Burma takes 20,000 Arakanese captured and made them slaves. However, during the time of British India did not kill the prisoners, and even fairly hearty fed. That was a good king. Arakan was not enough for him, and he invades Siam, it suffers a crushing defeat and return empty-handed. Excessive ruler kindness was so blatant that the servants murmured. And for some reason decided to overthrow the head of the country fair.

Bodawpaya philosophical views were close to Buddhism. Fanatical and therefore almost heartless, conceited king assumed the title of "the Buddha of the future." However, the monks did not take insolence, and was our king without a title. However, in view of the disappointments he began to abuse power. He introduced the death penalty for a lot of "misconduct": opium smoking, alcohol consumption, the killing of animals. But the king built the many pagodas and it was proof of his humanity and love for the slave, although not even to subordinates, and to the congregation, because he considered himself almost a god. By the way, unfinished pagoda in Mingun is still a skeleton of inquisitive. But Mingun bell, weighing 90,000 kg still exists as a historical proof of spiritual development, but heartless person - the ruler of Burma. Whom the king did not hurt, so it`s all kinds of people in the arts. Although heavily censoring the created works. If a poet or a novelist concerned the offensive, which hurt the status of religion, or the state of the king, then the casualties were awarded the honor of cutting off hands or cutting the tongue. Yes, it was a good king. And could, and send to the gallows!