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Date of Birth: 04/23/1943

Age: 73

Citizenship: United States

struggle with autism

Wright served as president and CEO of broadcasting company `NBC Universal` September 1986 to 2001, and then until 2007, remains chairman and chief executive officer of the company. Wright was deputy chairman of the diversified corporation `General Electric` from 2001 to 2008-th. Together with his wife, Suzanne (Suzanne), he founded the largest worldwide parent organization `Autism Speaks` in 2005.

Robert Charles Wright, born on 23 April 1943. His mother, Katherine Wright Drum (Catherine Drum Wright), was a teacher in elementary school, and his father, Gerald Franklin Wright (Gerald Franklin Wright), an athlete, a financial consultant and the contractor.

In 1961 he graduated from Shaminadskuyu Wright High School in Mineola, NY (Chaminade High School, Mineola, NY), and in 1965 - Holy Cross College (College of the HolyCross). He received his law degree from the University of Virginia (University of Virginia School of Law) in 1968. Bob and Suzanne were married August 26, 1967 th, in West Hampstead, New York (West Hempstead, New York). The couple had three children: Katie (Katie), Christopher (Christopher), and Maggie (Maggie).

When in March 2004, one of their grandchildren Wright, a two-year, Christian (Christian), revealed autism, Bob and Suzanne decided to establish a group of `Autism Speaks`, which would help to increase awareness of the disorder, their grandson and thoroughly investigate the severe anomaly. Organization `Autism Speaks` earned in 2005. Robert successfully used all his contacts, established during the years of private legal practice and during the 40-year career in the corporation `General Electric` to promote `Autism Speaks`.

February 25, 2005 on, he appeared on the NBC television show `Today show` and the cable channel MSNBC, where he spoke about how his wife` helpless nablyudala` over how their grandson, normal-looking kid, loses its ability to interact with the outside world . Wright said: `Suzanne compares this kidnapping as if kto-to takes life he had to live `. He told that all the forces set out to return `` grandson ago, and will look for answers as long as necessary to allow the nasty puzzle called `` autism.

As for 2011, the organization `Autism Speaks` was able to raise $ 350 ppm to research and find a cure for autism. For their efforts, Bob and Suzanne have been awarded `Double Helix Award`. They received a presidential medal `` For outstanding achievements and included in the list of `100 most influential people in the world` according to the magazine Time The `` in 2008. The former president `Autism Speaks` Roytmayr Mark (Mark Roithmayr), noting the merits of the organization, said: `People no longer feel as if on a desert island, where you have to light a fire`. Suzanne Wright added: `When autism knocked at our door, he was wrong address, because we do not intend to sit idly by `.

Bob Wright - one of the founders of the group `Global Leadership Group` of the organization `Business Action to Stop Counterfeiting and piratstvom` (BASCAP). He was one of the leading figures involved to raise awareness about the economic dangers of counterfeiting and piracy. In addition, Rai - a member of the Board of Trustees of the American Film Institute (American Film Institute) and the Museum of Television and Radio (Museum of Television and Radio), as well as an honorary trustee of the Foundation of American Women in radio and television (Foundation of AWRT).

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