Bob Widlar

Picture of Bob Widlar

Date of Birth: 11/30/1937

Age: 53

Place of Birth: Cleveland

Citizenship: United States

The founder of the analog IC circuit design

Bob (Robert) Vi & # 769; Dlarit (born Robert J. Widlar, 1937 CLEVELAND - February 27, 1991, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico). - An American electrical engineer, circuitry, analog IC designer. Widlar Professional activities during the seven years (1963-1970) was largely determined by the development of analog microelectronics.

Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1958 he entered the US Air Force, c 1959 University of Colorado student, also worked in the Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp .. He graduated from the University in 1962, since 1963 Engineer Fairchild Semiconductor. In 1966 Widlar, already a star in electronics, demanded higher wages, and when Fairchild refused him - moved to National Semiconductor exceptional, at the time, the terms of the contract. Four years later, thanks to options and stock appreciation National, he retired a multimillionaire and settled in Mexico, continuing to advise the National. In 1981, one of the founders Steels Linear Technology. He died of a heart attack during a training run at the age of 53 years.

The vast majority of the tens of patents Widlar dated to 1963-1970 years. In 1971 Widlar received four US patents; in the remaining years of his life, 1972-1989, a total of eight.

The current source Widlar

Source reference voltage equal to the width of the forbidden zone (bandgap)

Super-beta transistor

956 & #; A702 (1963) - the first integrated operational amplifier (9 transistors, 300 dollars)

& # 956; A709 (1965) - the first mass-operational amplifier (cheaper price of $ 10)

LM101 (1967), & # 956; A741 (1968) - Classic operational amplifier. Two models were released and Fairchild National almost simultaneously and independently. The first operational amplifier with built-in capacitor and frequency correction is probably the most massive in the history of the OS.

LM109 - a classic voltage regulator

LM111 - a classic voltage comparator

Being by nature an eccentric man Widlar famous unusual antics (real or legendary)

When National Semiconductor management, reducing costs, stopped to cut lawns in front of the buildings of the company, brought in a ram Widlar office (according to other sources, goat) and released him at the main entrance.

Widlar insisted on observance of silence in the laboratory ( "lab - do not shop!"). Noise allowed during dinner. When someone rustled up dinner, then Widlar got up and went to dinner.

Widlar established an electronic circuit to issue a sharp high tone in the laboratory, if the noise level exceeds a predetermined threshold. Therefore, no one has ever yelled at Widlar.

Widlar insisted button on the equipment has always been right. When one of the test stands for Widlar specification was built with on the left, National technicians had to put on the right edge of the touch key device that included a simple touch of the hand instrument.

Widlar from time to time come to the airport and bought a ticket for the next flight - back and forth.