Bible John

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Citizenship: United Kingdom

not catch a serial killer

February 23, 1968 in Glasgow, it was found the body of 25-year-old Patricia Docker (Patricia Docker); the woman was strangled. During the investigation it was found that the previous night she was seen in a nearby nightclub.

August 15, 1969, 32-year-old McDonald Jemima (Jemima McDonald) also went to a night club and did not return; We found it the next day - in an abandoned building, strangled their own stockings. At this time, detectives were lucky a little more - managed to find witnesses who saw how Jemima left the club with a kind of tall, slender red-haired young man.

31 October 1969 29-year-old Helen pattoki was killed (Helen Puttock); before her death, she - along with her sister Jean (Jean) - entertained the same club from which went toward McDonald`s death. The club`s sister met two young men; one of them said that he lives in Kaslmilke (Castlemilk), the other about themselves and did not tell it. Called new friends pattoki nurses alike - `Dzhon`. After spending more than an hour at the club, and `Dzhony` sister decided to go home; `Kaslmilets` off the bus, and the second got into a taxi together with the sisters. Jean left the taxi first, near Skotstauna (Scotstoun); more than her sister she had not seen live. The next morning the corpse of Elaine found a man, walking his dog; the woman was strangled.

Jean pattoki was the most useful of all available witnesses; Soon the detectives have been fairly accurate description of the potential killer. `Dzhon` was quite well dressed and handsome young man - tall, slender, with hair reddish hue; he behaved very correctly. Pattoki remembered that John called, and his name - either `Templton` (Templeton), whether` Semplson` (Sempleson). The main omen, however, turned out to be a kind of speech feature John - he often quoted the Bible; so that during a conversation with the sisters, he referred to Moses, to prove that dance clubs are by nature jacks blemish.

Unfortunately, the available information the detectives did not have enough. On the night of the murder of John in the Bible pattoki seen at 1.30 nights, getting into a bus; on the face of a man was seen something strongly resembling scratches. The last time the alleged killer had seen on a ferry in the southern part of the city; Further traces of it were broken. Police began hunting uniforms; their efforts, however, were in vain.

In 1996, the body was exhumed one John Irwin McInnes (John Irvine McInnes) - he committed suicide back in 1981. The police compared his DNA samples found on stockings pattoki; alas, ekspertizane able to give a sufficiently accurate answer. Later, detectives said that during the searches were taking DNA from a whole group of different suspects; One of them, a petty criminal, showed 80% of the samples match.

On May 4, 2007, for the murder of a student Clack Angelica (Angelika Kluk) was convicted of one Peter Tobin (Peter Tobin); photo was found that 40 years ago, he fits the description of the Bible John. Opportunities to commit the murder of Peter were - at that time he had just lived in Glasgow; In addition, Tobin was an ardent Catholic. Alas, the DNA comparison again to no avail; however, by the time the sperm samples of the Bible John has nowhere were not good due to improper storage.

Finally, the hunt for Bible John had to stop in September of 2010, after the death of Jean-pattoki McLachlan - the only one who saw the killer and managed to survive after that.