Bianca Brouwers

Picture of Bianca Brouwers

Age: 33

Citizenship: United Kingdom

One of the highest families of Britain

At the moment, the family tartan Bianca Brouwers is considered one of the highest in the UK; in the amount of growth of a woman and her three daughters is about 9 meters. Unusually high growth caused by, alas, the reason is quite unpleasant - like Bianca herself and her daughter suffered from the same rare genetic disease. The so-called `Marfana` syndrome not only struck the only son Brouwers, Remy (Remi). The daughters of the same - 12-year-old Leah ( `Leah), 6-year-old Emma (Emma) and 4-year-old Lexi (Lexi) - stand out as the selection is very, very unusual growth.

Brouwers itself boasts a growth of 190 centimeters; the eldest of the daughters, Leah, had not even grown to teenage years - but already stretched to 175 centimeters. Emma in their 6 also stands out against the background of their peers with growth of 127 centimeters; the youngest of the daughters, Lexie, wears clothes designed for children 2 times her age.

Marfan syndrome usually affects the connective tissue of the human body; the victims of this disease do not have enough protein in the body called `fibrillin`. As a consequence, part of the body of patients with the syndrome are capable of unusually strong stretch - especially under stress, In addition, the defective gene is able to induce bone growth to an unusually large limit. On first glance, all of these symptoms may seem harmless - yes, the sick seem unusual, but it seems to be all and end there. In fact the situation is much more complicated; syndrome victims often are distinguished not only by high growth and long limbs, but also suffer from heart problems and vision. What`s worse, the disease is congenital in nature and fundamental treatment can not be; You can only count on dealing with symptoms - such as too flexible joints or curved spine.

Marfan syndrome - a disease family; 32-year-old sister Bianca Natasha (Natascha) and her daughter Michaela (Michaella) are also susceptible to this disease - and has already outgrown the bar at 182 centimeters. Some time Brouwers thought that Lexie family illness has not affected - for a long time, the girl was much smaller than other children; in comparison with the older sisters at birth it seemed quite tiny. After 2 weeks after birth Lexi Brouwers found `cat krika` syndrome, also known as` syndrome 5p` - in honor of the chromosomes, whose absence in the body and cause this condition. Typically, babies suffering from this disease are highlighted extremely small size and unusually high-pitched voice; then they are subject to additional defects - such as a small jaw, wide set eyes and low-seated ears.

Meanwhile Bianca inclined to think that Lexie Brouwers - the only girl in the world, suffering from two such opposite in spirit disease. In the early stages it was quite clear what kind of diseases will win; We had chances and the fact that Lexi would remain tiny, and that it will grow unusually large the same as her sister. The body Lexie made his choice, when she was 18 months - then began an unexpected increase. Girl from old clothes rose literally overnight; examining her, doctors unanimously declared - Marfan syndrome `pobedil`.

Now Lexi Brouwers about 120 centimeters of growth; in its 4-year girl wears clothes, nominally designed for 8-9 year olds. Alas, the prospects for the future in a very gloomy Lexi - because of his health problems, it never will be able to either walk normally or speak normally. The mother`s heart is broken by the realization that the younger of the daughters could never obratitsyak her name or just call it `mamoy`; however, Bianca tries to find what is happening in the positive moments. According to her, Lexie is still developing well for his age; Now the girl wants to get even in the schools. Normally speaking, it still can not, however, constantly hihihat and fairly easy to converge with people it does not prevent it. Native pride Lexie, calling her his` big malyutkoy`.

Marfan syndrome is a hereditary disease of sense; Children usually get it from one of the parents - and if a person has this syndrome, the child picks up his chance of about 50%. In some cases, however, the disease appears as if from nowhere - a sick child can be born well and healthy parents. The strength of the manifestations of the syndrome also varies widely from person to person; if certain symptoms are barely noticeable, in other cases, health problems and symptoms of the disease can seriously complicate life. Left untreated, the syndrome may reduce the patient`s life up to 30-40 years; however, modern medical technology can neutralize most of the manifestations of the syndrome, ensuring perfectly normal life expectancy.