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A group of San Francisco Beulah is considered to be owned by a second wave of creative Elephant 6 communitybut this is largely a formal association. At Beulah was his own creative way in which the band members intentionally avoided membership in any alliances, unions and others.

The origins of the group go back to 1994, when the SanFrancisco of Montgomery Securities met two new courier - Miles Kuroski Californian native of Wisconsin and Bill Swan. When they start talking about the music, it turned out in their spare time that their tastes are not the same too : Bill loved XTC and the Talking Heads, Miles did not like them. But the two came together in reverence the Beatles.But more than talk about the music did not get, the more so that in late 1994, Miles and Bill firmly quarreled, and in January 1995, Miles left the company. Most of 1995 was spent in Kansas, lazing and dreaming to record their songs. However, experience and tools Miles was not, and in January 1996 Miles Kuroski called Swan. The old quarrel was forgotten (though particularly warm their relationship did not become) , and Kuroski Swan asked him to help with the recording of their songs. So there Beulah (correctly pronounced " Bayyula ") , whose name had biblical roots, and therefore are often found in the south of the United States as a girl`s name or the name of the village.In the next year and a half, Miles and Bill were recorded together on tape chetyrhdorozhechny playing guitars and drums. Bass and other frills on it was not recording. In the song they took about one and a half months, and sometimes for the records were apartments, bathrooms, offices, barns and everything where you could retire. By the summer of 1997 the record was finished, and its on tape through a friend passed in New York, Robert Schneider, the leader of The Apples in Stereo and producer of most entries, exit to the Elephant 6. Schneider became interested in the music of Beulah, which was entirely in the tradition of Elephant 6 : ascetic recorded guitar retropop with influences of The Beatles and the Beach Boys. Four songs from the demos were published as the Elephant 6 EP A Small Cattle Drive in a Snow Storm (1997), and then the entire record was vypushena the album Handsome Western States (1997). Belonging to a clan Elephant 6 played a role, and the album went on sale a little - much to the surprise of Beulah themselves. When the bill went to the sold copies of hundreds, Schneider advised Kuroski Swann and go on a tour to further promote the album.

Calling friends and Kuroski Swan scored live line-up - the director of the training center Pat Noel (keyboards, guitar), librarian Steve La Follette (bass) , a university consultant Steve Saint Chin (drums) . After sharing with TNE Apples in Stereo tour, the band began recording their second album, it being understood that the possibility of Elephant 6 is limited, and to complete the promotion they need a larger company. This company was the Capricorn, who became famous by 311 and Sake. Album When Your Heartstrings Break (1999) created a little more comfort, about $ 2,000 was spent on buying a used studio equipment, while still on the film got the sounds of bands rehearsing behind the wall. An innovation was brought to record almost two dozen guest instrumentalists - violinists ,horn players, etc. This made the band`s sound original and intense. The album received a vivid embodiment of the ideas that were only declared on debut. Mastering of the album did Robert Schneider in Denver, but it was the only contribution of the Elephant 6 When Your Heartstrings Break. Beulah preferred to work alone, not following the rules of the Athens-denverskogo community.

However, in the midst of the incipient recovery event occurred, almost buried Beulah - Capricorn company was bought by a larger company, and Beulah became totally unneeded. Already finished album could remain unpublished, but fortunately Sugar Free have agreed to publish it ,and in April 1999 When Your Heartstrings Break was on the shelves.

The album was also released in England, and known groups began to acquire an international dimension. The composition of the group at this time is extended by keyboardist Bill Evans, but immediately after the concert tour Beulah still without a drummer - Steve Saint Chin out ,tired of touring. It replaces the veteran punk bands Pansy Division and Screaching Weasel Danny Sullivan. Fortunately, part of the Capricorn staff has managed to create a small label Velocette and invited to Beulah.

The third album, even more ambitious and multi-layer, created a rather original way. Kuroski being in Japan,I wrote songs and sent by mail with a demo tape zapiyasmi other musicians. Those arrangements were taken over, and each did so separately from the other, resulting in different interpretations of the same theme. Studio process took more than 500 hours, and it was impossible to call the lo-fi. Among the guest musicians were John Vanderslice (synthesizer) and Roger Moutenot (guitar, engineer, previously worked with Yo La Tengo, Sleater-Kinney). The Coast is Never Clear was released in September 2001 and became the highest achievement of the commercial group - circulation amounted to about 30 thousand copies. But after this initial part of Beulah virtually ceased to exist - La Follette and Evans left the band, tired of the dictatorship Kuroski within the group and their own personal problems. Relationship Swan and Kuroski also remained tense, but Bill nevertheless remained in the group. Bassist Eli Crews and Pat Abernathy keyboard occupied the vacant seats, but the future of Beulah nevertheless remained uncertain.

Elements of the crisis manifested not only in the composition of the changes, but also in the works. Kuroski was annoyed by constant comparisons with the Beulah Beach Boys and Elephant 6 bands, and decided to make a fourth album is quite different ,California devoid of cheerfulness and instrumental diversity, which has become the trademark of the former Beulah. It was not satisfied and ambition Kuroski - he put in front of a group of ambitious goals, on occasion certainly called Beulah best band in the world,but sales remained fairly modest : about 20 thousand When Your Heartstrings Break, and about 30 thousand The Coast is Never Clear. Beulah loved in England and named by American Boo Radleys, but Boo Radleys albums reached number one on the UK charts, Kuroski is nothing similar can not boast. As a result, Kuroski decided to make a fourth album and his latest strong rate, and if it does not become a breakthrough - to dissolve the group. He set the bar for the album in half a million copies, that is, 16 times more than the circulation of The Coast is Never Clear. In December 2002, Beulah Swan site published a statement : " As usual ,we will go on tour to support the album. Then - which is unusual - we will go home to their wives and children, find themselves a real job and become adults. " A month later, the Swan has responded to fans writing the message that " we have decided to stay together, while still alive ," but it is unlikely that opinion Miles Kuroski. In the middle of the album Kuroski broke up with his girlfriend, and the emotional darkness of the album has received an additional feeding. The result of seven months of hard work, the aim of which was to achieve the highest live sound, Yoko became the album - which is already in the title character was laid decay.

The release is scheduled for September 2003. And this album is expected not only good music, but also solutions Beulah fate.

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