Bernhard Bulow

Picture of Bernhard Bulow

Date of Birth: 05/03/1849

Age: 80

Citizenship: Germany



Bernhard von Bulow was born in Klein-Flottbek, in Holstein. Uncle Heinrich von Bulow, was the ambassador of Prussia in England from 1827 to 1840. His father, Bernhard Ernst von Bulow, to hold public office in Denmark and Germany. Brother, Major General Karl Ulrich von Bulow, was a cavalry officer in the First World War, a party to attack Liege in August 1914.

Diplomatic career

Bernhard von Bulow participated in the Franco-Prussian War, after which he entered the Prussian grazhdanskuyusluzhbu, then the diplomatic service.

In 1876 he was appointed attache at the German Embassy in Paris, in 1880 - the second secretary of the embassy. In 1884 he was appointed First Secretary of the German Embassy in St. Petersburg in 1888 - ambassador in Bucharest, in 1894 - the German ambassador in Rome.

In 1897, after the resignation of Adolph von biberstein Marshall was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (the same position in 1873-1875 held by his father) in the post of minister in the government of Prince Hohenlohe. It promotes the expansion of the colonial expansion of Germany in 1899 after successful negotiations to join the Caroline Islands, received the earldom.

Following the resignation of Hohenlohe in 1900 he was appointed Chancellor and Prime Minister of Prussia.

The Chancellor

The first action Bulow as chancellor was to protect the Reichstag German intervention policy in China, and later he repeatedly defended the interests of German foreign policy before the parliament. June 6, 1905 he was awarded the title of Prince (F & # 252; rst).

In 1909, after the failure of the Reichstag to take the government to develop a budget, Bulow resigned. July 14, 1909 his resignation was accepted.

Further career

In the years 1914-1915 Bulow was ambassador to Italy, but was unable to provide its support to Germany or neutrality. Many leaders of the Reichstag had hoped for his return to the post of chancellor, after the resignation of Theobald Betamana-Hollweg (1917).

Prince von Bulow died on October 28, 1929.