Berdzhih Grozniy

Picture of Berdzhih Grozniy

Date of Birth: 06/05/1879

Age: 73

Citizenship: Czech Republic


Bedrich Grozny (till 1918 as Frederick Terrible, Czech Bed & # 345;. Ich Hrozn & # 253 ;; May 6, 1879 - December 12, 1952) - Czech orientalist and linguist. He deciphered the Hittite language, proving that he and the other Anatolian languages ??are Indo-European languages.

Terrible was born in Lysa nad Labem in Austria-Hungary (now - the territory of the Czech Republic) in the family of evangelical pastor. In high school, the Colin he learned the basics of the Hebrew (Hebrew) and Arabic. Later, while studying at the University of Vienna (Faculty of Theology) were added Akkadian, Aramaic, Ethiopian, Sumerian and Sanskrit and cuneiform Asia Minor, Mesopotamia and Persia. He then studied Oriental Studies at the University of Berlin.

In 1906, during the excavation of the Hittite capital of Hattusa (modern. Bogazkoy, Turkey) 150 km to the north-east of Ankara, the German expedition discovered archive of the Hittite kings, adapted local variety of the Akkadian cuneiform script but in an unknown language. In 1915-1916 gg. Terrible published work on deciphering the Hittite language and its grammar, proving that he belonged to the Indo-European languages.

Later, Terrible tried to decipher the other writing (Cretan letter Byblos syllabary, protoindskoe letter, etc..), But its decryption were found to be erroneous. Both strengths and weaknesses of the Terrible was his comparative-historical method; using it onnedootsenival other methods, for example, logical-combinatorial.

He read many successful lectures at various universities in Europe. In 1929, he founded the Archiv Orient & # 225; ln & # 237; ( "Eastern Archive") remaining on the day sions major Czech magazine on Oriental. In 1939 he had the opportunity to emigrate from the occupied Czechoslovakia, but he decided to stay and was elected rector of Charles University in Prague. In 1940, he was also offered the post in the Ministry of Education, but he declined.

During the German occupation of Czechoslovakia Grozny holds the post of rector of the University of Prague. Despite the fact that the classes at the university were stopped for an indefinite period, the scientist held a lecture in the halls outside the university, published scientific works, saved from arrest students.

Terrible great achievement was that thanks to his efforts in the university press fonts were created for virtually all known by the time the languages ??of the world.

In 1944 he suffered a heart attack and has since been engaged in teaching, but continued to work on the main work of his life - a generalized history of the Ancient East. This work was published in 1949.

November 12, 1952 he was elected a member of the newly established Academy of Sciences of Czechoslovakia. Exactly one month later, on December 12, 1952 - Academician of Bedrich Grozny died.