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Date of birth: 11.05.1975

Age: 41

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


He was born in 1975. She appeared in films from twelve years. Theatre education is not received. The only stage experience - participation in the play by RV Fassbinder "Pity for the people." Movie Awards: a prize named Michel Simon for his role in the film "Thieves" (1997), and the prize for Best Actor at the International Film Festival in Cannes (2001). The current girlfriend of the actor - the star of the screen Juliette Binoche.

When twelve-year-Benoit Magimel responded to a newspaper ad: "Wanted teenager on a major role," he hardly realized - this is the start of a promising film career. In his debut film "Life - long quiet river", he played a peer, Maurice le kin. Picture viewers enjoyed success and Benoit Magimel has decided that it is worth to continue shooting. He sought not in theory but in practice, learn the wisdom of acting. The young actor "lit up" in the television series and commercials, and - most importantly for his career - attracted the attention of major directors of French cinema. Already in his early years, Benoit had a chance to appear in a frame next to the legends of the older generation (such as Charles Aznavour) and young talents, which eventually gained star status (Elodie Bouchez). Man matured in front of the audience: children`s charm and childish gaiety first creation screen Magimel transformed into seriousness, thoroughness and sexy charm of its maturing character. The young actor began to get roles, which was able to demonstrate his natural gift - an irresistible charm "mystery blonde". In the movie "The only daughter", he played a young man who was in a difficult situation for him early fatherhood and could not accept pregnant girlfriend. In the film "Thieves" Magimel character - a young offender, stubborn, overbearing, unrestrained and, at the same time, causing sympathy. Among his other "Twilight" characters - pornographer in the film "Already Dead" and Lorraine miner in "minute of silence". The long-awaited breakthrough to fame came in 1999 when Benoit Magimel was invited to the Alfred de Musset`s role in the film "Children of the Century." The film tells about love romantic poet and celebrated novelist Zhozh Sand (it played Juliette Binoche). Another success Magimel was the role of Louis XIV ( "King of the Dance", 2000).

Benoit Mazhmiel - unpredictable actor. He eschews the scandalous rumors, but that does not make it less attractive to the public. Throughout his career Magimel repeatedly come into contact with the first magnitude stars of the screen (among his partners - Catherine Deneuve, Daniel Auteuil, Jeanne Moreau, Nathalie Baye, Juliette Binoche, Vincent Cassel). The directors with whom he had to work were the glory of French cinema (Andre Techine, Benoit Jacquot, Michel Deville). Actor filled with their aura, their craftsmanship. The young favorite of Cannes in the film - a great future.

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