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In 1998-m Agosto with Tanith Belbin immediately saw the impressive results of their partnership in the 1999-2000 season. The pair won the title of national champion among juniors, as well as a bronze medal at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships.

Agosto appears in tandem with Tanith Belbin. Together with her skater became a two-time bronze medalist of the world - in 2006 and 2007, silver medalist at the Winter Olympics in Turin in 2006, a three-time winner of the Cup on four continents - in 2004, 2005 and 2006 - m, the silver medalist of the world championship in 2005 and winner of the world Junior Championships in 2002. As of January of 2010, Agosto and his partner took the fourth position in the world ranking.

Benjamin Alexandro Agosto was born on January 15th 1982 in Chicago, Illinois, USA, and grew up in Northbrook. He moved to Detroit, Michigan, in June 1998 in order to prepare under the direction of Igor Shpilbanta. The new coach has put Agosto with new partner - a Canadian Tanith Belbin.

Mother Agosto - Jewish, and his father - a Puerto Rican. Benjamin was in the early grades of the Chicago Waldorf School, and then - in high school Glenbrook North before moving to Michigan, where in June 2000 he graduated with honors from high school Groves. In high school he was a member of the jazz-benda and he hopes that one day he was lucky to play the blues. Agosto also works as a dubbing actor and voice of the video game characters. In addition, the sportsman trains other skaters. During the summer of 2008, he lived and trained in Canton, Michigan, before you came in Aston, Pennsylvania,to continue their training in the ice complex.

American skater began skating at age six, received as a gift for his birthday a couple of brand new skates. Early in his career he worked with a coach Susie Wynne. The first co-worker Agosto at the levels beginner and junior became Kathy Hillwith whom he later performed at the international level.

In 1998, together with Agosto Tanith Belbin immediately saw the impressive results of their partnership in the 1999-2000 season. The pair won the title of national champion among juniors, as well as a bronze medal at the World Junior Figure Skating Championships. Belbin and Agosto were given the right to speak at the Olympic Winter Games of 2002, but were unable to take part in competitions, because Canadians were not at the time of the American citizenship. Instead, skaters were aimed at ISU Championships, having the right to compete in the Championship on four continents ,World Championships and World Junior Championships.

In 2004, Belbin and Agosto won the US Open, repeating this achievement even four times. In February 2005, the couple organized and acted on his own charity figure show, which gathered more than 37 thousand. Dollars to the Red Cross. While at the World Figure Skating Championships in 2005-m Belbin and Agosto earned for the United States silver medal, Tanit by a US citizenship law before 2007, could not become his subjects, and therefore had no right to speak at the Olympic Games of 2006.

Devoted fans skaters written appeal to the Congress with a request to grant citizenship Belbin early ,as an argument describing the high probability of getting this pair of medals for Team USA. In accordance with a special resolution of Congress, which President George W. Bush signed the eve of the 2005 New Year, Tanith Belbin became a US citizen. And the 20 th of February 2006, Belbin and Agosto have brought their country an Olympic silver medal ,becoming the first American team to 1976, who managed to win the Olympic medal.

Unsuccessful performance at the World Championship of 2008 with a fourth place made a couple of parting with Igor Shpilband and Marina Zueva and begin training under the guidance of Natalia Linichuk and Gennady Karponosov.

In the season 2008-2009 pair of silver medals won two stages of the Grand Prix `Skate America` and ` Cup of China`. Skaters have reached the final, but were forced after the original dance withdraw from the competition due to injury Agosto back. They also had to miss the US Open. Meanwhile, they went into the national team at the World Championships and won the silver medal there. Having started the 2009-2010 season with a victory at the stages of the Grand Prix, the pair refused to participate in the finals due to health problems Tanit.

Benjamin Agosto and Tanith Belbin were appointed to represent the United States at the Olympic Winter Games 2010

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