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Father wanted to see his son, a mining engineer, as Benjamin himself successfully performed at mathematical competitions, but, nevertheless, for the company with his friend entered the Leningrad Institute of Law - it was in 1938. A month after the beginning of the Great Patriotic War to the student of the 3rd course and a member of the Komsomol bureau of the Institute came at recess rusty, a little man grow and asked: "Would you like to serve in intelligence?"

Who then did not want it? ... From that day Beniamin Bril was accelerated special training course and was assigned to the 125 division of the 55th army of 8 September 1941. All B.V.Bril blockade - the besieged Leningrad by the Nazis. Victory met far away from his native city, but when offered a job in one of the Baltic states in 1946 - refused and asked to go home.

So in the Leningrad City Bar Association in October 1946 there was a trainee. Since then and to this day, it has been the 56th year, a lawyer B.V.Bril - on the protection of the law.

Lawyer stories Beniamin Bril

First ripped hat with a boy

... I was a novice lawyer and then more and more involved in the protection of court-appointed. But one comes to me the captain of the second rank, cute, handsome officer and says that his only son gives him a lot of worry and grief. For his latest stunt - he tore at the rink with the boy`s head a fur hat - against him a criminal case.

- And rightly stirred up, I said, because he had committed robbery.

So, Slava G. whereas it was 15 years. In view of the gentle boy in conversation with adults embarrassed and blushing, from an educated family in Leningrad. But the more we talked with him, the more I was convinced that the boy he was not a simple, clean Alchen psychology of "12 chairs" - he just could not help but steal ... I do not remember in which the court heard the case, but ended it is for my minor client well and I forgot about it ...

It took 8 years. In early 1968, I had to take over the protection of a citizen of Odessa. Last he had memorable - widower. He was accused in the forbidden private activity.

What happened? For widowers, who was known in Odessa as a person engaged in the affairs of large intermediary, he approached a man unknown to him and asked him to attach "great product".

- What is the product? - I asked the widower.

The man handed him a box in which lay a few dozen six-pointed Star of David-shields. They were not made of gold and silver and non-ferrous metal. A nonferrous metal then was banned for the production of products, for passing as a strategic material.

- And how you have such a product? - I asked the widower.

- Enough for any inquiry, the seller said. - But I do not know anyone here, and this is, as you know, the goods to the synagogue, and you have to help me to meet with the Chief Rabbi of Odessa, or, in extreme cases, with his assistant.

Widow agreed. They discussed the commission and the next day there was a meeting with the seller altar boy from the synagogue ...

- How much does this item cost?

- It will depend on the quantity.

- And how do you this item?

- It`s none of your business. If you need a product, then you take. No - so no ... They agreed on a price and quantity. The meeting was scheduled for tomorrow, stipulated that the purchase and sale to be held in the presence of a widower.

In the morning, the place of the transaction only came widower and servant of the synagogue. Seller apparently poostorozhnichal. And as it turned out, for good reason - a few minutes Task Force Ukrainian KGB, organized the ambush and arrested Widower servant. The latter, as it turned out, was an informer, and was released. Widower is charged that he, as a citizen of an unknown (?) Power, tried to conduct propaganda of Zionism, and to this end brought to Odessa Transportation six-pointed stars and intended to distribute them on the territory of the Soviet Union.

Widower "developed" by all the rules - he had to give turnout, passwords, an extensive network of agents, the presence of radio transmitters. But the widower stubbornly stood his ground and did not get tired of repeating that the product offered to him synagogue unfamiliar person. He described it, and compiled an identikit in a hotel in the port of Odessa learned visiting from Leningrad. Calculate Seller "shield of David" for security officers turned a trick, and he was arrested. This is why my client was transferred to Leningrad.

As it turned out? The group of enterprising young men, sensing the growth of Jewish identity in the Soviet Union decided to use a conjuncture: fabricated mold, have got non-ferrous metal, and in the basement of the cottage, and no where else, but in flood, began the production "Shield of David." Then vozniklaproblema implementation. In Leningrad, they were afraid to do this, it was decided to take a test batch to Odessa. He produced six-pointed stars ... Slava G.

He defended his famous Leningrad lawyer Vladimir Ivanovich Vvedensky. Then for such prohibited fishing punishment was 2 years imprisonment. Slava and his comrades were sentenced to a minimum, and my spouse`s the applause of his relatives in Odessa, was released from custody in the courtroom.

Judges reasonably believed that he was not involved in the production process "shield of David", but only a poor pander.

But the turning point in this criminal case was the examination, which at the request of the KGB conducted at the Department of History of the University of Leningrad. The investigation of:

- Do Jews Wear special signs, symbolizing belonging to the Jewish religion?

Two months were spent for examination. It turned out that if the Orthodox crucifix worn as an accessory to Christianity, the Jews are not "Shield of David." Only a small portion of the faithful of the Mountain Jews - Tats - are cut from cold rolled gold six-pointed stars and wear them.

The conclusion of the examination was made unequivocal: the production of six-pointed stars can not be assessed as "the spread of Zionism in the Soviet Union." Slava G. and his enterprising accomplices condemned not for political articles, but for the routine at that time "illegal business". So Glory G. went to prison for the first time.

...Several years have passed. And then came to me the Father of glory, now the captain of the first rank. And from the doorway, he said:

- Slavka my finished badly, Beniamin Vladimirovich! Now it is more serious "shield of David" ...

The captain told me the following: - My father and grandfather Slavkin - one of the most respected priests in the Pskov region. Father Vladimir three years ago buried his wife - my mother, and the last few years he lived in the house nun Anna. The man she was faithful priest, and brightened up the old age of his father, who was well over eighty.

And then came the telegram from Annushka, in which it reported that the father of Vladimir death. Urgent issuing a vacation and took his son with him, we rushed to his father, finding him in a critical condition.

In one of enlightenment minutes so it happened that we were left alone with his father. He asked that I got out of bed a suitcase and looked at what it is. When opened, internally gasped it all on the cover was filled with bundles of money, gold coins of tsarist minting, golden utensils.

- I`m leaving, my dear. All of this for you, and the Glory, but, please, do not obidte Annushka, give her this, this and that ... I do not doubt, my son, that you fulfill my last wish ...

But a miracle happened! A few days after this conversation, Father Vladimir began to recover, walk, and then started a service in the church. We were happy, and a week later returned to Leningrad.

But two months after the last meeting with her father comes a telegram that my father had died. Together with his son go to Pskov, and bury my father. The next day, I ask Annushka, where his father`s suitcase?

- What case? - Asks the nun.

- Shabby, fiberboard, which was laid at his father under the bed ...

- I do not know any suitcase - Anna stood his ground.

Grief after his father`s death did not leave me the strength to find out where a suitcase is gone, and my son and I went ...

Here`s what happened next. Slavka, who was then already over thirty, met with some Vinogradov and Mayorov. The first was engaged in forgery, while the other was a thief-recidivist. During the discussion of another scam, Slavka contemptuously called plan of "fines" and boasted that he knew about the possibility to earn "for life".

After hearing the story of his father Vladimir Slavka suitcase, Vinogradov and Major decided to "revive" Annushka, without a moment`s hesitation that all the wealth left her. The plan was developed bold and simple in execution: aiming Slavkina, pursuant Mayorov and Vinogradov. Thieves got the form of police officers and decided to conduct a search under the guise of "expropriation" from Annushka`s father Vladimir jewelry.

Three days have lain in wait at the edge of the forest, two Leningrad "opera", studying schedule nuns, whose hut was on the outskirts of the village. On the fourth evening, Mayorov and grapes in the form of police officers presented a warrant to search a nun ...

What happened in the hut for the two days and nights, it was revealed in court of evidence Mayorov and Vinogradov. First, after spending the first search, the police drew up a report. But gloomy and saucy-tongued old woman refused to talk to them, what was very angry intruders. In between searching the suitcase they tortured Annushka, smashed her head in two places. I was in the hut - such thorough "search" I have not seen: there were razvorocheny walls, torn wallpaper, dug two cellars. The nun was silent for two days, and, as well as personal or saying, died ...

Not empty-handed Mayorov and Vinogradov returned to Leningrad, and met with Slava, told him:

- You forgive us, Glory, but we need you for a tip "soak".

And grated-frayed prison Slava realized that these guys are not joking, and his life came to an end. It was then that he went to confession in a big house - so long ago in the city called the building at the beginning of the Foundry Avenue, purpose built in the thirties for the police and KGB chief administrations. It was the fifties and brutal murder shocked nuns Pskov. Not only the Pskov and Leningrad, and Moscow police were searching for the killers to no avail, so that readings were Slavka organ unexpected gift. The next day, Mayorov and Vinogradov were arrested.

At the trial stage events, I joined the SG Protection case was heard in the Pskov Regional Court. Kopenkina judge has determined. The main thing was to find out the court - who exactly killed Annushka, then it was a precondition for the application of the "firing" article and the killers brought down one another ... My legal position was clear: my client was the gunner, and in the development of the plan has not been no word about the murder. Dressed in a police uniform and Vinogradov Mayorov had fraudulently withdrawn from Annushka good. And when they reported SG that killed the nun, he went and told the police.

Judge Kopenkina resolved all doubts, and Mayorov sentenced to death and Vinogradov. My defendant the judge bestowed for complicity in the murder of 10 years in prison.

All three lawyers appealed the verdict and the decision of the Supreme Court was different. Mayorov and Vinogradov replaced the shooting 15 years` imprisonment, and SG Court reclassified the complicity in the murder of complicity in the robbery and reduced the sentence to 6 years.

His protection I built on that charge, SG of complicity in the murder of nuns, as well as the sentence, deprived of his liberty for 10 years, is excessive. I tried to convince the Russian Supreme Court that my client was in fact an ordinary gunner, with special emphasis on the fact that, when designed robbery plan Annushka, then it was dominated by the elements of fraud, but not a word was about the murder. In the appeal, arguing the role of Slava, I pedal the fact that cost my client to learn about the murder of a nun, he promptly declared it to law enforcement. RSFSR Supreme Court took into account my arguments, as well as the arguments of the defenders Mayorov and Vinogradov, skillfully use the fact that neither the investigation nor the Regional Court have not been able to determine who exactly is killed Annushka ...

Since then, I have not seen more than SG, but it seems to me that he is unlikely to ever become an honest man - a criminal mentality rarely expresses itself ...

On the evidence of iron - steel sentence

At the front, I made friends with Igor Makovsky, scion of the famous St. Petersburg professor`s family. I was an investigator, and he - Opera in counterintelligence department of the 42nd Army. And now, many years after the war, to me, at the Foundry, 50, in the legal advice he came unhinged Igor Makovsky and told me that his father in law brought to justice, but he is a man honest. Knowing that I became a lawyer, he asked me, wartime comrades, to help his father in law.

In the seventies, it was loud at the time the criminal case "Lanitomasha", involving 38 defendants. "Lanitomash" - the so-called special scientific and technical bureau, carries out orders of government and community organizations to develop different technical documentation.

He headed his high-class specialist, talented engineer Parnes - disabled first group, legs paralyzed, moved in a wheelchair. Nevertheless, it was a swinger and witty conversationalist. It was obvious during the process, the judge felt that Levitsky obvious pleasure from communication with the head of "Lanitomasha". Their replica during interrogations, conversations in court, comments - a sample of the adversarial process.

Surname my client was Yarnetsky. A man of about sixty, with embossed profile of a Roman patrician, intellectual in the best sense of the word. He was accused in the fact that, as an employee of "Lanitomasha" concluded with the administration of the Kirov and Izhora plants contracts for the manufacture of safety instructions for all kinds of professions. But, according to the investigation, my client is not doing the job, and using the fact that in the past was a technical inspector - stole these instructions. For his work on contracts Yarnetsky got a big sum in those days ...

Employees "Lanitomasha" obviyalis that part of the amounts appropriated by the orders carried out by them. Most of the defendants led by Parnes and his deputy were detained Kuzmin. Yarnetsky - free.

Parnes brought in the largest hall of the Leningrad City Court - 48th - on a stretcher, and he sat answering questions - so the judge decided.

"Believe me even though you tell me, Benjamin V., - said Yarnetsky -. Yes, I have the contract carried out this work, and the truth is that I did not write those instructions again all these instructions I, as a technical inspector, worked personally was this year.. . 10 ago Ask all the major engineers of the time, and they will confirm that the author of these instructions - Yarnetsky during the investigation I showed that no one exploited and used my work I just updated a set of instructions, taking into account technological progress over the years. ".

The process was a long time ... And then came the day when I, a young lawyer, had to speak in a crowded room. I finished my speech with these words:

- These are the iron proof of the innocence of my client!

Adjourned. Judge Levitsky, passed me, uttered: - On iron proof, comrade advocate, we will reply steel sentence!

I, frankly, lost heart, because decided that the judge considers my iron proof and crush their puny steel sentence ...

Sentence was read. It sounds terrible numbers - 25, 20, 18, 15 years` imprisonment. Parnes, in spite of his disability, the court determined 25 years in prison. Yarnetsky standing next to me and kept his eyes on the frightened guards, who immediately took the convicts into custody. So sounds the name of my client - is justified! I see that Yarnetsky can not understand the sentence. Large drops of sweat running down his face ...

In addition, the court fully satisfied the prosecutor`s civil suit for compensation for damage to the state by the defendants in the amount of 650 thousand rubles. Under current rules, in the execution of the sentence are issued writs of execution. At that time, the city court worked as head of the Office of August Ilinichna Bausheva thunderstorm all prosecutors and lawyers. On its punctuality and knowledge of business legends! But the old woman is proruha: Bausheva put to the cause writs and ... forgot to send them. The case went to the archives, and a single penny has not been transferred to the state treasury. When August died Ilinichna and its position to intercede new employee, the 12 (!) Years, she found in this criminal case pack of writs. And then it was scheduled the hearing for the purpose of collecting produce. The court summoned those who have served their sentences and those who have already left ...

In their observations on the prosecutor`s request, I as a defense against the claim, referred to the rules of criminal and civil law, according to which the statute of limitations rule out the possibility of such sanctions. But the judge decided to recover, after 12 years, with all the money.

On this definition, I brought the complaint to the Supreme Court of the RSFSR. A hearing was scheduled in Moscow, and led him to an experienced lawyer Fedor Kalakin, then a member of the Supreme Court of the USSR.

He carefully listened to me. I said that the law excludes the cases of such penalties, and even despite the fact that the State can not incur losses as a result of an error of the court personnel, law is mandatory for all. Referring to the law, I have argued that the decision is wrong.

The Assistant Prosecutor of the RSFSR and outlined its position. Kalakin harshly interrupted him: - Here defender cited the law. I ask you and refer to the law under which the court may make a recovery after 12 years.

Prosecutor: - I`m such a law you can not tell. But I`m standing on guard interests of the state!

- Let me make a comment, I say.

- What more remark - grimaced Kalakin - everything is clear. Well, say ...

- Really, Citizens Judges, we will exchange for rubles and kopecks principles of our Soviet law ?!

Kalakin: - As a lawyer have so puzzled, the court immediately removed to a meeting ...

It took less than five minutes, there Kalakin and announces: - The lawsuit Prosecutor`s meet! And then he adds: - The lawyer Brill, go ...

Leaning toward me, confidentially Kalakin slightly muting the voice said: - Are you able to think that the money we give "lanitomashevtsam" and not return to the state?

Alas, as a lawyer Kalakin knew I was right, but as the then minister of Justice can not do otherwise ... This Stanislavsky by law clearly played a performance at the meeting of the Supreme Court. With all put in a silly light assistant prosecutor of the RSFSR, but upheld his claim, to me, a young defender of Leningrad, showed the full extent of the cynicism of his understanding of the law.