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Year of birth : 1986

Age: 29 years

Place of birth : Colebrook, Pennsylvania, United States

Citizenship : United States


"Believer" is one of the best Christian teams specializing ever on heavy music. This group of Colebrook (PA) was established in the second half of the 80-s singing guitarist Kurt Bachman and drummer Joey Daub. The completion composition bassist Howe Kraft and guitarist Dave Baddorf.

The first time, the group mainly engaged in concert activity, but at the end of the 80 recorded the demo "The return", which is interested in the Christian label "R.E.X. Music".After some negotiation "Believer" got the contract and began the creation of the debut album.

"Extraction of mortality", released in 1989, was a fast, aggressive and brutal thrash (texts at the same time were religious) . The only highlight was the intro played familiar Bachman ,violinist Scott Laird.

BelieverNichego fundamentally new musicians on this release have not invented, but in the underground album received good reviews. Kraft`s result is not satisfied, and he went to seek his fortune on the basis of missionary work. The second CD, recorded with new bassist Wyatt Robertson ,was already much more interesting than the first work as a progressive classical elements have been used on it. The most outstanding track of this album was the song "Dies Irae", where trash skillfully interwoven with operatic vocals and violins.

In addition to their own material "Believer" on "Sanity obscure" and a cover of the hit "U- 2 ", "Like a song". In support of the album a powerful tour was organized, where the band played in the company of "Bolt thrower" and "Sacrifice", is not the Christian command.

BelieverTogda to "Believer" expressed interest in the label "R.C. Records" (current "Roadrunner"), re-released "Sanity obscure" a much larger scale. Before recording their third album took more odnazamena bass players and now the post went to Jim Winters. Apart from him, Bachman and Daud in the sessions also attended by Scott Laird (violin) , his sister Julianne (operatic vocals) , Glenn Fischbach (cello) and William Keller (vocals) . In the "Dimensions" team reached the top of their skills, both in songwriting and performing in the plan. That only cost the amazing progressive brutal song "The trilogy of knowledge", presented in four parts. Unfortunately the audience was the last album in the discography of "Believer" and the group soon disappeared from the music scene. Kurt Bachmann tied with show business and retrained in the medical and Joey Daub subsequently amassed a new band called "Fountain of tears".

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