Basiliy Grushetsky

Picture of Basiliy Grushetsky

Citizenship: Russia


Grushetsky Vasiliy Fedorovich completed courses Kiev Theological Academy (1851 - 1855). He was married to the daughter of the Polish insurgents. In the 60-ies. XIX century lived in Warsaw, where the 1st Warsaw Russian grammar school worked as a teacher.

Since 1893 State Councillor VF Grushetsky - a member of the Mogilev city council.

Since 1896 VF Grushetsky - Chairman of the Mogilev Society of mutual insurance of property against fire.

At the end of the XIX century - the beginning XXveka was a state councilor in the city of Mogilev.


Nina - graduated from the Mogilev women`s gymnasium in 1889. Male - Constantine Otryganev Prokofievich, Lieutenant 162 th Infantry Regiment, Akhaltsikhe, a member of the Russian-Japanese war. Subsequently - colonel, commander of the 106th Infantry Regiment, Ufa, died of his wounds in a German prisoner in March 1915 Children from marriage: Asya, Nonna, Zoe, George.

Boris - in the list of officers on RIA in 1909 - captain of the 162-th Infantry Regiment of Akhaltsikhe. In the period of 1910-1913. He shot himself. The regiment at that time lodged in Kazan. The circumstances and details of the suicide are not known.

Vadim Vasilevich.

Alexey V. - at the end of Mogilev gymnasium in 1897. He enrolled at St. Petersburg University`s law faculty. A member of the RSDLP. For active revolutionary activity arrested in 1905. After a year`s imprisonment, 1907g.otpuschen bail her husband`s elder sister of Lieutenant Colonel KP Otryganeva From revolutionary activities moved away. He enrolled as a volunteer in the 162nd Infantry Regiment Akhaltsikhe. Later graduated Yuriev (Dorpat) University. Lawyer. He lived until 1922 in Kharkov. Wife - Yanchevskaya Maria Ivanovna. From 1923 he worked in Moscow under the patronage of former party comrades.

Vera V. Grushetskaya - in marriage Nikitin

N V.