Bartholomew I

Picture of Bartholomew I

Date of Birth: 02/29/1940

Age: 76

Place of birth: Imbros

Citizenship: Italy

Environmental Patriarch

Future patriarch was born on the Greek island of Imbros (G & # 246; k & # 231; eada). Officially, young Dimitrios considered a citizen of Turkey (Turkey); in fact, he was a member of a relatively small Greek community still existed at that time in the country.

Arhondonis first studied in his native island, and then enrolled at the high school in Istanbul. Shortly after graduating from the Lyceum Dimitrios he began studying theology at the walls of the seminary of Halki Island (Halki). He graduated from the seminary he was in 1961, with honors; almost immediately put him in the office of a deacon and named Bartholomew.

In the period from 1961 to 1963rd priest to repay home in the Turkish army; c 1963 to 1968-th Bartholomew studied in Rome (Rome), Switzerland (Switzerland) and German (Germany). Successfully coped with the doctorate, Varfolomeysam for a while became a teacher.

In 1968, he returned to Istanbul (Istanbul); already in 1969 he was promoted to a full-fledged priest. In 1972, the post of the Ecumenical Patriarch took Demetrius I (Demetrius I); Bartholomew, in turn, was promoted to director of the Patriarchal office (Patriarchal Office).

In 1973 Bartholomew became Metropolitan of Philadelphia (Metropolitan of Philadelphia); later was officially announced that the post of Director of the Patriarch Bartholomew`s office for a preserve. Gone from this post he was only in 1990 - after his appointment as Metropolitan of Chalcedon (Metropolitan of Chalcedon).

The high rank of Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch (Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch) Bartholomew received November 2, 1991 I-go.rfolomey owns a number of foreign languages ??- along with Greek, Turkish, English, French, German and Italian he speaks freely on classical Greek and classical Latin the same. Generally, the patriarch is quite active at the international level; however, not all of his actions have benefited its reputation - so the Russian Orthodox Church in the Ecumenical Patriarch at the moment the relationship is not particularly warm. Certain progress in the establishment of relations between the two patriarchates are, however, talking about very very close friendship is still too early. Bartholomew were in conflict with the Turkish nationalists - primarily because of the desire to bring the patriarch of the Orthodox faith in those parts of the country, where about it already for a long time to forget.

Many Bartholomew I is known for his achievements in the environmental field - he and his Patriarchate regularly act to protect the environment. It has already brought Bartholomew nickname `green patriarh` and even `green papa` - along with a number of environmental awards wing.

With representatives of other religions, Patriarch is committed to supporting the most peaceful relations - he even occasionally visited not particularly loved by his predecessors Muslim and Jewish countries. Many public figures indicated that Bartholomew has made a major contribution to the fight for human rights and the promotion of religious tolerance.

In May 2013, a certain A. Serdar was arrested on an anonymous denunciation (A. Serdar); Soon it became known that the arrested along with two accomplices planned attempt on Bartholomew I. Search accomplices Serdar is still underway.