Bachana Ahalaya

Picture of Bachana Ahalaya

Date of Birth: 10/24/1980

Age: 36

Place of birth: Zugdidi

Citizenship: Georgia


Rolandovich Bachana (Bacho) Akhalaia was born October 24, 1980 in the town of Zugdidi Georgian SSR. His father Roland Akhalaia in 2012 referred to in the media as the chief prosecutor of Samegrelo region - Zemo Svaneti; In addition, in the 2010s, he appeared in the press as a leader ( "The Godfather"), an influential clan Mingrelian Akhalaia and even "unofficial host" of the region.

In 2003-2004 Akhalaia, as a student of the Law Faculty of the Tbilisi State University named after Ivane Javakhishvili, worked project coordinator NGO "Liberty Institute" (Georgia Liberty Institute). A number of publications media noted that the organization was funded by Soros Foundation and has played a significant role in that occurred in Georgia in autumn 2003 "Rose Revolution" - a coup that led to the renunciation of power of President Eduard Shevardnadze (written and that Georgia`s "Institute freedom, "the US State Department funded). Akhalaia, according to some reports, together with the chairman of the city Legislative Assembly Mikheil Saakashvili participated in the capture of the Parliament building November 22, 2003. After the election of President Saakashvili in January 2004, many employees of "Liberty Institute" occupied high positions in the authorities of Georgia.

In 2004 he graduated from the University of Akhalaia, received master`s degree in law, after which he was appointed Deputy Public Defender (Ombudsman) Sozar Subari.

But the post of Deputy Ombudsman Akhalaia served briefly: next year he led the Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. The main task entrusted to him by President Saakashvili, was the fight against the influence of the representatives of the underworld ( "thieves") led by him within the penitentiary system of Georgia. This struggle was carried out extremely harsh measures, according to some sources, include the torture and abuse of the criminal "authorities". For a number of certificates in the years Akhalaia has earned a reputation as "cruel sadist" personally participating in beatings and even executions of prisoners. In January and March 2006, two prisoners of the uprising took place in the Georgian prisons in Rustavi and Tbilisi; as a result of the brutal suppression of the second of them were killed, according to various estimates, from 11 to 20 people. According to the official version, the unrest had been organized "thieves in law" for the purpose of mass escape of prisoners and destabilize the country. At the same time, human rights organizations claimed that the uprising was a spontaneous reaction to the abuse of prisoners by the prison authorities.

Activities of Akhalaia as the head of the Department of Corrections evaluated as successful: in 2009, Saakashvili said that Georgia is the only country of the former USSR, where the "thief-in-law does not control the prisons." According to the Georgian leader, "to break the backbone of the thieves` world" is managed Akhalaia. In addition, the press noted that when Akhalaia several prisons were built to meet European standards, and significantly improved conditions of detention.

In December 2008, Akhalaia was appointed First Deputy Minister of Defense David (Vasil) Sikharulidze. Preceded Sikharulidze David Kezerashvili and a number of other ministers were forced to resign after the failure in the "five-day war" - the military actions on the territory of the unrecognized republic of South Ossetia, Russian peacekeepers` presence zone. In his new position, Akhalaia was engaged in construction of military fortifications around Tbilisi and control of the combat capability of the Armed Forces.

In August 2009, 28-year-old was replaced Sikharulidze Akhalaia as defense minister of Georgia. Commenting on the appointment of his colleague, Saakashvili noted that the army "is needed more rigid hand to enhance the country`s defense and reflection of a possible new aggression from Russia." However, the appointment caused a negative reaction from the opposition and human rights activists, who regarded Akhalaia "odious" and resembles a figure, in particular, the alleged systematic violation of their human rights during his work in the Ministry of Justice. Ombudsman Sozar Subari called Akhalaia "criminal", in which the activity of "a lot of facts sufficient for a criminal case." According to the portal Wikileaks, the US administration has also expressed concern about the reputation of the new Minister of Defence of Georgia. According to the opposition, the reason for the appointment Akhalaia was head of the military department of his personal loyalty to President Saakashvili and the desire to put the armed forces under their tight control. Also expressed the view that the appointment of Akhalaia could be associated with the intention to "cleanse the ministry" by supporters of former minister Irakli Okruashvili, in 2008, convicted of extortion. Akhalaia himself has formulated its priorities in his new position as follows: "modernization, the world and integration into NATO."

In March 2012, the leader of the opposition party "Our Georgia - Free Democrats" Irakli Alasania said the National Security Council of Georgia, in the west of the country on the initiative of Saakashvili and under the direction of Roland Akhalaia and other members of the "clan" Akhalaia formed illegal armed groups. According to the opposition, these units are designed to suppress possible opposition demonstrations in the autumn of 2012, when the country had to hold parliamentary elections. Bacho Akhalaia has denied the allegations, calling them "nonsense".

In July 2012, Saakashvili said that the Georgian army Akhalaia became "the most authoritative institution" in the country. Listing the achievements of Akhalaia as defense minister, the president noted among them the creation of Georgia`s own military industry, as well as the establishment in 2010 of the National Military Academy of David the Builder, which the president called "the best, at least in this part of Europe."

In the same month in Georgia, there was another change of government: Prime Minister took Vano Merabishvili and Akhalaia replaced Merabishvili as Minister of Internal Affairs. July 4, 2012 the new composition of the Cabinet of Ministers was approved by Parliament.

September 18, 2012 the Georgian Interior Ministry issued a statement on the detention of several employees of one of the Tbilisi prison, accused of torturing prisoners. The same day, the opposition Georgian TV channels showed video of beatings and abuse of prisoners, which, they claimed, were provided by the former employee of the penitentiary Vladimir Bedukadze. Bedukadze, speaking on television, said that torture was allegedly carried out on the instructions of Akhalaia and with the consent of the Minister of Corrections Khatuna Kalmakhelidze. Georgian Interior Ministry, in turn, stated that torture is "ordered" one of the inmates of the same prison. After publishing a video in Tbilisi and other Georgian cities have been protests of relatives of detainees and opposition. The next day Kalmakhelidze resigned, and the September 20 resignation filed Akhalaia, who said he felt a "moral and political responsibility" for the incident, as a number of leaders have committed torture prison system began to work in the Department of Corrections under him. On the same day it became known that Akhalaia successor as head of the Interior Ministry became his first deputy Ekaterina Zguladze.

In addition to Georgia, Akhalaia is fluent in Russian, English and German.

Akhalaia married second marriage to Anna Nadareishvili, daughter of the former chairman of the Supreme Council of Abkhazia in exile Tamaz Nadareishvili. From his first marriage with Irina Heybeli he has a son, Maxim, the second - the daughter of Caesarea. I mentioned in the media and the brother of Bacho, date (David) Akhalaia, who over the years has also held high public office: until July 2012, he was the head of the Constitutional Security Department of the Georgian Interior Ministry, and then was appointed Deputy Minister of Defense of Georgia Dimitri Shashkin.