Avvakum Borovkov

Picture of Avvakum Borovkov

Date of Birth: 05/20/1892

Age: 45

Place of birth: Ufa

Citizenship: Russia


He graduated from the Ufa school (1911), Physics and Mathematics of Kazan University (1917).

In 1917 he returned to Ufa, where he gave private lessons in mathematics. In 1918 he became a professor of physics at the Industrial and Economic College (former commercial school), where he worked until 1922 (with a break for 1919-1920). Since 1921 he has also taught in the 2nd Soviet school of Ufa. Great influence on him had a Bishop Andrew (Ukhtomsky), in 1919 he was ordained deacon (their acquaintance took place in 1916). In the spring of 1922 he was tonsured a monk, ordained to the priesthood and was elevated to the rank of abbot.

November 28, 1922 with the blessing of Bishop Andrew secretly consecrated Bishop Mark (Bogolyubov) and Trofim (Yakobchuk) in Ufa Staroufimskogo bishop, vicar of the Diocese of Ufa. He was called "night," the bishop because his ordination was accomplished by night. Subsequently, his ordination was recognized by Patriarch Tikhon. He took part in the fight against Renovationist movement. Even as a bishop, he continued teaching.

December 30, 1922 arrested. He accused that "being a minister of religious cults, continued to occupy the position of a teacher in the 2nd Soviet school of stage 2, by violating the Constitution of the RSFSR ... As Soviet school teacher, under the guise of trying to educate young people to hold religious purposes." In reality, the authorities feared the influence of intelligent and educated bishop to his flock in the conditions, when the Bolsheviks did everything to strengthen the position of renovators.

May 16, 1923 was sentenced to three years of exile, which served in Zyryansky region (Komi). According to the GPU, "arranged in the apartment various religious ceremonies" (apparently, this is a house church, which served as the exiled bishop). In 1926, he freed from exile and returned to Ufa. 16-19 October 1927 organized in Ufa Congress starotserkovnogo clergy and laity - a supporter of Bishop Andrew (Ukhtomsky). By decision of the Congress for the period of absence in Ufa Archbishop Andrew appointed temporary administrator of the Diocese of Ufa.

In 1927 (or the spring of 1928) is arrested and sentenced to three years of exile. Exiled in Chelyabinsk, and then in Ulyanovsk. He belonged to the "Catacomb Church", headed by Archbishop Andrew. He was active church work. For example, in 1928 appealed to the Chuvash faithful to the letter, in which he called them, "remember and know that you now need a special hardness to protect the holy faith and of the Holy traditions transmitted to us from the apostles and the holy fathers, and therefore you arrange for yourself, and choose the themselves worthy bishop, and do not wait until you send kakogo-nibud renovationist, who will come and destroy you all church business. " Under Renovators understood not supporters already discredited Renovationist movement, and completely loyal henchmen of the Soviet power the Deputy Patriarchal Locum Tenens Metropolitan Sergius (Stragorodsky). Chuvash Orthodox do not recognize the authority of Metropolitan Sergius, were combined into a "Union of the Orthodox Church", whose members in 1929 recognized his bishop bishop Habakkuk. They were called "avvakumovtsami".

In 1931 he was arrested in Ulyanovsk and 8 September of that year, when the troika OGPU of the USSR on the Mid-Volga edge sentenced to 10 years in labor camp. In this case to the same term of imprisonment he was convicted priest Vasily Anisimov, ordained ruler Avvakumom. His daughter Eugene V. Mikhailov later recalled: "What I remember about the Lord of Habakkuk with the words of his father as a man? He was well-read, literate, any tricky question gave the exact answer was strict - Tikhonovets - godless authorities did not like, but no one has ever advised nor revenge, nor harm, and treat power as a well-deserved from God as a punishment for sins " .

Since April 1932 was imprisoned in the White Sea-Baltic camp, where he worked as a draftsman, then head of the group of groundwater in the central laboratory.

In 1937 he was arrested in the camp. He charged, in particular, in that the "measure serving soc. protection BBLAT`e z / k Borovkov grouped around him c / a, ministers of worship, to help the latter to systematically spread anti-Soviet propaganda about the economic situation of the USSR, saying: "The idea of ??communism - is a fraud, the oppressed nationalities as they were in bonded slavery and left "," obey the authorities yes, but it should be formal obedience, in addition to his soul. ` " September 20, 1937 the NKVD troika of the Karelian ASSR was sentenced to death. October 15, 1937 shot near Bear Mountain station in the tract Sandormoh.