Avtomon Golovin

Picture of Avtomon Golovin

Date of Birth: 07/10/1667

Age: 52

Citizenship: Russia


Golovin Avtonom Mikhailovich (1667-1720), Colonel, then General of Infantry, the eldest of three sons of MP Boyar Golovin. Rhode. October 7th. 1667. Ally Peter, whom the king only because of personal loyalty G. (he was his childhood king potted stolnik) made one of the Chapter. their commanders, despite the fact that military experience, there were almost no; likely Ch. role is played by an urgent need for military personnel. Peter G. was awarded the rank of Colonel of the Life Guards Preobrazhensky regiment and took with him in the Azov campaign (1696). Immediately on his return from abroad (1698), the king began to prepare for war with Sweden. The first Russian. regulyarnyepolki datochnyh were composed of people, they joined were "eager for people." In total there were 27 regiments recruited, mixed by 3 divisions ( "generalship") on 9 regiments each. Chief of the division have been assigned gene. A. Weide, G. and A. Repnin. The soldiers began to learn gun techniques and properly constructed according to the "military regulations", composed in 1698 Weide. This training was carried out foreign. officers under the direction of to-ing very sharply responded about them: "... and did not know how to take a musket ... do not know her, we had to teach them, and labors in vain." Their service had to give up and put on the vacant positions barely trained "Infantry science" EDT. servitors. According to the king`s plan, Ch. place of military action was chosen Ingria -. the coast of the Gulf of Finland, but to protect the flank of the army of the enemy, it was necessary to seize the fortress of Narva River and over. Narva. In 1700 he formed of recruits division, which consisted of 8 infantry regiments and one dragoon. When after long sboorov Rus. Army finally settled at Narva and started bombing the fortress, there suddenly appeared a Swede. cor. Charles XII and defeated the hastily assembled, untrained and poorly armed Russian. Men. Division G. fled from the battlefield of one of the first. Worthy resistance Swedes had only 3 shelf: Semenov, Transfiguration and Lefort. Commander Charles de Krui gave one of the first, it was followed by an all-foreign officers. The next day, Carl was going to resume the beating, but at night Russian. Generals Prince. JF Dolgoruky, Prince AA Imereti, G. and I. Buturlin decided to surrender, resulting in a swarm, were captured almost all the army commanders, the Swedes went well all the artillery that Peter worked so hard collected bit by bit throughout Russia. G. was removed to Stockholm, and the king was able to exchange it only in 1718. He died July 3, 1720, leaving his son Sergey and daughter Anna, issued for the book. SI Repnin.

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