Avgustin Voloshin

Picture of Avgustin Voloshin

Date of Birth: 03/17/1874

Age: 71

Place of birth: Kelechyn

Citizenship: Russia


Augustine Voloshin Ivanovich (1874-1945) - political, cultural and religious figure in Transcarpathia, the Greek-Catholic priest in 1938 - Prime Minister of the autonomous Government of Carpatho-Ukraine, in 1939 - the president of the state.

Born March 17, 1874 in Kelechyn. He was educated at the seminary of Uzhgorod and the Higher Pedagogical School in Budapest, and then took part in the Ukrainian cultural movement.

1917-1938 - Director uchitelskoy Seminary in Uzhgorod; author of several books.

He was active political activities since 1919. He founded and directed the right Christian People`s Party (1923-1939), from which elected a deputy in the parliament of Czechoslovakia (1925-1929).

Voloshin Proponents have a significant impact in the field and actively criticized the first autonomous government Brod. Two weeks after his appointment, October 8, 1938 Brod was declared a Hungarian spy and resigned; the new prime minister of the autonomous Carpatho-Ukraine October 26, 1938 he was appointed Voloshin. Staying in office, Voloshin announced the dissolution of all political parties and organizations, with the exception of their own Ukrainian national association. Party Voloshin, eliminating political rivals, won the elections to the Sejm of Carpathian Ukraine with 86.1% of the vote.

After the dissolution of Czechoslovakia as a result of German aggression March 15, 1939 in Hust Voloshin declared Carpatho-Ukraine as an independent state, it became the first and only President of the constitution, and to establish national symbols at a meeting of the Sejm. He sought to unite the Ukrainian land, for which Carpatho-Ukraine was awarded a mention in the summary report of Stalin at the XVIII Congress of the CPSU (b) comes, he says, and invites to join. Despite the pro-German orientation Voloshin, Hitler allowed the Hungarian regent Miklos Horthy occupation of Carpathian Ukraine immediately after its proclamation (in fact, the Hungarian invasion began more 14 March). Voloshin asked for help from Nazi Germany, hoping to repeat the success of Josef Tiso, who proclaimed friendly Berlin "sovereign" Slovakia, but the Germans have ignored demands the head of Carpatho-Ukraine.

Together with the Government of Voloshin emigrated via Romania to the territory occupied by the Germans and settled in Prague. In May 1945 arrested by the Soviet secret service, he died in Butyrskaya (Moscow).