Averell Harriman

Picture of Averell Harriman

Date of Birth: 11/15/1891

Age: 94

Place of birth: New York

Citizenship: United States


Harriman, Harriman (Ilarriman) William Averell (15/11/1891, New York - 07/26/1986), American politician and diplomat. Millionaire, son of the founder of a large financial group Edward Henry Harriman. He graduated from the Groton School and Yale University (1913). Received together with his brother in 1909 inherited a $ 600 million, took control of large industrial and banking corporations and doubled the state. In 1911 the brothers founded the banking house of Mr. Harriman Brothers & C, received in 1931 after merging with other large New York bank name Braun Brothers & Harriman & C. 1918-1927 chairman of the Board of Directors of Union Pacific Railroad. After 1st World War, the brothers made an agreement with a major German shipping company "Hamburg-America line" bought shares of the largest bank in Austria, began razrabotkumestorozhdeniya non-ferrous metals in Poland. G. Political activity began in the 1920s. in the Republican Party. In 1928 he joined the Democratic Party. For a long time was an adviser to US President Franklin D. Roosevelt for Financial and Industrial Affairs. In 1933, he entered in the Business Advisory Committee of the Department of Commerce, in 1937-40 its chairman. In March 1941 he sent to London to negotiate the Lend-Lease. In September. In 1941 with the rank of ambassador he led the US delegation at the Moscow meeting of the three powers. In 1942 he worked in various allied commissions in London, including the Joint Board for production and resources. In October. 1943 appointed ambassador in Moscow (USSR). It is mandated to promptly inform Roosevelt about changing the position of the Soviet leadership; often he met with IV Stalin, because of what impression about their good relationship. However, when in August. 1944, addressed to Stalin with a request to allow the use of the US Air Force Soviet airfields to assist participants in the Warsaw Uprising, it was rebuffed. At the Yalta Conference held private talks with VM Molotov on the participation of the USSR in the war against Japan. In 1945 was a member of the Tripartite Commission on the creation of the new Polish government, together with the British representative office in trying to reduce it Communist, but was faced with a tough and uncompromising position of Molotov and was forced to concede. In April-September. 1946 Ambassador in London (UK). In 1946-48 Secretary (Minister) for Trade. In 1948-50 the head of the American administration in Europe to implement the "Marshall Plan". In 1950-51 special assistant to President Truman on foreign policy issues. V1951-53 head of management to implement the program of "mutual security". In 1954-58 the governor of New York State. In 1961 and in 1965-69 was the special envoy, in 1963-65 - the deputy secretary of state. From May 1968 to January. 1969 headed the US delegation to the meetings on Vietnam in Paris. Even during the 2nd World War II G. Financial Group has established close relations with banks "First National City Bankof New York" and "Morgan Guaranty Trust" and others. New York and the Chicago financial groups, in conjunction with which it controlled a number of major American corporations. V1965 under the control group were assets of more than $ 5 billion (including 1.8 billion in the banking sector, 3.3 billion - in industry and transport).