August Vagner

Picture of August Vagner

Date of Birth: 08/29/1828

Age: 58

Place of birth: Kurland lips. | Data_smerti | = 02.11.1886 year

Citizenship: Russia


(Died November 2, 1886), born August 29, 1828 in the province of Courland, where his father served as pastor. Initial education received in Dorpat Wagner school, and at the end of 1845 to the mathematics course of the University of Dorpat. The first astronomical work of Wagner refers to 1849 - 1850 years., When he was commissioned by Medler watched transit instrument Dorpat Observatory, a few stars to determine ihsobstvennogo movement (sm. XIV is Dorpat observations). In 1850, Wagner entered the number of astronomers Pulkovo Observatory, where he remained until the end of his life, first as a supernumerary astronomer, then with 1856 staff and a senior astronomer finally, since 1866 vice-director. The most remarkable work of Wagner - the definition of the so-called right ascension Pulkovo major star large transit instrument Pulkovo Observatory; Wagner was engaged in this work almost continuously for 30 years (sm. "Observations de Poulcova", T. III and XII). Especially interested in Wagner, geodetic and geographical works; he took an active part in the work of the Imperial Russian Geographical Society, which for several years was chairman of the department of mathematical geography for the society. No stranger to Wagner and occupation of theoretical astronomy; Sent in 1854, the Academy of Sciences abroad, Wagner spent two years in Gotha, practicing under the guidance of the famous astronomer theoretical Hansen; Incidentally Wagner participated in studies of the motion of the moon Hansen and made extensive calculations in order to compile the tables motion planet Vesta; Unfortunately, the last work remained unfinished and unpublished, - other activities distract Wagner.