Asta Nilsen

Picture of Asta Nilsen

Date of Birth: 09/11/1881

Age: 90

Citizenship: Germany

Cimfoniya unprecedented beauty

Author: Tatiana Torgasheva

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Asta Nielsen belongs to the era of silent movies

Operator her first film immediately after reading Nielsen said, as snapped: "Your face is totally unsuitable for a movie!" And he turned away indifferently. But the director, deploying it on the shoulder, said: "No, you`ll just shoot it!" "Who is a professional, you or me?" - Angry statement. He was really professional, the best at that time in Denmark, and the director - a boy holding his first film. But sometimes there are short-sighted professionals! Asta`s face that was not beautiful on the screen wonderfully transformed. Deep-set eyes, high eyebrows upturned tragic folds at the corners of the mouth of the nerve, the crown of blue-black hair - all this is powerfully attracted the eye and memorable stay.

Asta Nielsen was born in Copenhagen in 1881. At seventeen, in the first year of the new century, first appeared on the theater stage. Since 1910, he tied his life with film. At that time he had just got out of diapers and infant come into his childhood. The first film with her participation was called "The Abyss" and a set of the film group rented the former Copenhagen prison - it was the cheapest option, I had to save every crown. The empty cells arranged dressing room in the prison yard amassed scenery. Then, during the day they patiently unfolded after the sun - another lighting unit was not. The most amazing thing is that taken in such circumstances, the film had a stunning success.

Asta Nielsen played as before it did not play in silent films. When she showed a passion, or suffering, not wringing his hands theatrically, did not throw back his head, he does not rotate crazy eyes. The tragedy was read in her eyes, to break eyebrows in an expressive and nervous figure contour. Asta was saving gestures was them extremely accurate and expressive. Recognized as an expert on world cinema, Georges Sadoul Asta Nielsen included in a short list of the best tragic actresses ever to appear on the screen. Indeed, with her and he began this a rather short list. Glorify later Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich critics contemporaries often compared to the brilliant, legendary Scandinavian.

Who she played? In the "Abyss" - music teacher Magda, who left her fiance, good and faithful guy, because the handsome circus actor Rudolf. She fell in love crazy circus performer, and he swore his love to her, and he pogulivaet other. Itogda Magda, in the best tradition of screenwriting in those years, with one blow of a dagger mercilessly stabbed him to death. In the "joyless lane" Nielsen was gorgeous courtesan in "suffragette" became emancipated woman. In the story, she puts a bomb in the table hated Minister, oppressing women, and then it turns out that the Minister is the perfect stranger, whom she loves. The film could be the most absurd, but its success surpassed all imagination, if it played Asta Nielsen. She did not play a good golden-haired, and Cinderella, Mary Pickford, gentle and sad victims of someone else`s treachery and perfidy, Vera Cold. Her poems were women restless, feeling deeply and passionately, for which love - always conflict and tragic.

Only one of her roles funny story happened. In the movie "Angel" 28-year-old Nielsen played a tomboy whose father buys a doll, not noticing that the daughter recklessly flirting with each oncoming war. Picture horrified board of censors. The fact that in one scene, Angel climbed the stairs and out of the skirt for a moment shows a garter under her knee. It was a shame! Scene scrolled again and again. Long debated the question: what is it - just an innocent bow or still seditious garter holding the stockings? But since the scene lasted a second, it was not possible to achieve clarity. And then a new scandal. By the end of the film revealed that angels 18 years and that it only shows the 14-year-old girl. And all because in their house came a rich uncle, who can not be shown that the child is much older, that is, was born much earlier than their parents` wedding. This was too much! The film is banned for good. And just hype in the press then helped to lift the ban.

I was life Asta man who did a lot for her career - director with a strange name for a Russian ear Gad. When the "great mute" went down in history, Nielsen wrote his memoirs. They have a lot of pages dedicated to Urban Gad. But nowhere is not a word that he was her first husband. Asta always sharply separated work from personal life and her very guarded from prying eyes. Then the stars is more successful.

When they were filming together "Abyss", the novel between them was not in sight. He worked as an artist at the same theater in Copenhagen, and that it is. By 1910, he delineated the crisis, half of the troupe was not engaged in any performance in the theatrical life of the capital, including both of them. Somehow, young people met by chance on the street, chatted, lamented the failure. "It is time to the cinema to go shooting, - I sighed Asta. - Now I regret that refused the offer of the company" Union "." And if I write a script, play in my film? "- Suddenly said Urban." It depends on the scenario and what role "- evasively said Nielsen.

At that they parted. Then the movie still has not been taken seriously, that is an art, and the speech was not. Noble audience indulgently considered these "jumping picture" entertainment for the workers. Serious actors in the movies simply ashamed. A few days passed. Asta too forgot about the recent meeting, but there Gad brought the script. It was "The Abyss". Immediately after the film, Nielsen glorified all over the world, a large German film company offered her 40 thousand marks for each role in their belts. However, Gad Asta moved to Berlin, and for many years was the German movie star. And soon they were married Urban. One of the first examples of a happy connection-director husband and wife, the actress busy with him in the lead roles. For each of them Nielsen soon began to pay 400 thousand marks.

Unheard popularity very complicate life. His glory without coquetry Nielsen called earthly hell for a man. In Berlin, she did not dare appear neither on the street or in a store. Even in the theater I was forced to sit in bed for tight zad