Arthur Werner

Picture of Arthur Werner

Date of Birth: 10/18/1944

Age: 72

Citizenship: Russia


I have something, maybe it would be considered in his pride, but my bank denies.


Hard to say for sure, because it increases with each passing day. According to the mother and the birth certificate, born October 18, 1944. But anything can happen during the war ...

Family status

Single, for marriage to need at least two. One hand did not reach the search. Or do not have lasted.

Do you consider yourself a wealthy man?

I have something, maybe it would be considered in his pride, but my bank denies.

What is your favorite drink

Tea, which I have at home is always good 4-5 and expensive varieties. I buy in a special shop. But in Russia, and in different get-togethers such as championships, festivals, etc. often have disgust drink unloved. Vodka, for example. Sometimes, however, manage to catch the favorite cognac.

Your bad habits

At my age, good habits no longer exists. One of the most harmful - to write corrosive materials and thus tease the geese of the highest rank.

What kind of dish you are ready to eat seven times a week?

There are no dishes, and should not be. Due to the mobility of the profession I have been to many countries and have tried all the local dishes - from fried locusts to sobachatiny. However, I have no willingness to seven times a week, I eat one dish - what I prepare myself. In recent years, it has somehow become very similar to yesterday`s, despite the different structure embedded products.

Favorite pastime

Since there is no car - walk around the house, go to the silence with a book and remember times past. Especially at night.

Tell us about your debut in sports journalism.

I do not remember which article or note was the first sports as print professional since 1972. I think it was a report from the European Figure Skating Championships 1976, published in the "Russian idea". Before emigrating published several sports informashek in Khanty-Mansiysk and Sverdlovsk, but those were amateur level.

Whether you are a fan of and who are sick

Am, but only in individual sports (childhood rooting for SKA Sverdlovsk, team ball hockey). Despite the fact that I write about many individual events (sports and gymnastics, boxing, etc.) are most sick of the Russian figure skating. Or, more precisely, watching him try to treat the disease and the methods available to the journalist. In each of the types of workers appoint some athlete or (more often) sportsvumenku loved one sick and only a few years for it (him). Then the chosen ones and elect changing to a more fresh.

Your idol adolescence in sports idols zhurnalistikeSyzmalstva mama told not to conjure.

My favorite book about sports

I read so many of them that I am afraid to tell lies. One of the most favorite sports writers - Stanislav Tokarev.

The newspaper (magazine, TV channel, radio station), you feel close to the sample

Because of the hill all the Russian media sulfur. But they are also not a lot over the hill. From radios probably I agree with Anna Dmitrieva - BBC (and he worked on them, and on the "Deutsche Welle", and "Freedom", and even "Radio Canada International"). British newspapers have this same model, but in recent decades has left the club on the Boulevard. German newspapers are not much better than Russian.

Words-parasites that have settled in your creativity

But. As for the rest it is necessary, however, to ask my editors.

Words-parasites that cause you the most violent reaction

Reaction I is not violent, but rather nauseating to all Anglicisms, the couple that has long existed in the Russian language. It is not a literary digest "McDonald`s."

Who are the people you work easily sport?

With all. With some very easy, with the other not at all. I do not rule out that there are people who find it difficult to work with me. But it is - a question to their profiles.

Do you consider it necessary to support themselves with sports people friendly relations, or think that they harmed the work?

As sports people a lot more than me, to maintain friendly relations with all simply impossible. Nevertheless, I support them with those who find interesting and thought interesting to me. Friendly relations work does not hurt, but the work sometimes overshadows or interrupt these relations. Sometimes, one has only to write that the angelic wings of the coach or the athlete first feather dropped like yesterday buddy acquires particle "no".

Do you often regret that you are doing sports journalism?

Over the past 30 years did not have to. I was in it no power not to drive, and drive out already hardly anyone will succeed.

It`s a shame Did you know that most of our fellow journalists working in other subjects, according to the sport "low area"?

Perhaps it would be a shame, but I live in Germany, and colleagues here do not think so.

Do you think that the level of sports journalism in Russia below, for example, political journalism?

No. The tendency to confuse boulevard with garbage characteristic, unfortunately both groups.

Your creative plans

To create more, you have to listen, analyze and write. Although in general, I believe the craft of journalism, not creative. In the old, not impaired as the concept of craft skill.