Arthur Gary Bishop

Picture of Arthur Gary Bishop

Date of Birth: 1951

Age: 37

Place of birth: Hinckley

Citizenship: United States


Arthur Gary Bishop, who was born in 1951 in Hinckley, Utah (Hinckley, Utah), and was erased of six brothers. His parents were devout Mormons. Bishop was awarded the honorary title of Eagle Scout, which meant that the boy once showed himself an eagle, henceforth always be an eagle life. He showed excellent results during their studies and served as a missionary in the Philippines (Philippines) in 18 years.

Bishop was arrested in February 1978, for the appropriation of property by deception - and he earned 5 years of imprisonment. However, Bishop broke the established order of punishment and fled to Salt Lake City (Salt Lake City), where he began a new life under the name of Roger Downs. In October 1978, he was excommunicated from the Latter-day Saints The Church of Jesus Christ (LDS Church).

In Salt Lake City, registering under his pseudonym, Bishop took part in the rating reality show `Big brat` ( `Big Brother`). Initially, no one suspected of pedophilia Downs, but after his arrest for the murder of dozens of children have told that he molested them.

Bishop killed his first victim, a 4-year-old boy by the name of Alonso Daniels (Alonzo Daniels), October 14, 1979-th. Molesters lured Daniels from the yard of his house, promising to give the boy a candy. Pounce on prey, Bishop Daniels drowned in the bathtub, and then buried the boy`s body in a vacant lot.

In November 1980, the native of Hinckley made a second murder. At the rink, he met 11-year-old boy named Kim Petersen (Kim Petersen). He managed to lure poor Petersen to his home on the pretext that he would buy his roller skates, which he was trying to sell. Witnesses described the man with whom Peterson had seen the day before his disappearance, a white man with dark hair, 25-35 years old, weighing about 90 kg. Petersen Bishop scored to death and buried his body near the body Alonso Daniels, outside the city of Cedar Fort (Cedar Fort).

October 20, 1981 the first Bishop once again managed to bring home an innocent victim. She turned out to be 4-year-old Danny Davis (Danny Davis). The boy was in a supermarket, which is located less than a block away from his house. Several buyers remembered a smiling man standing next to the baby, but could give a vague description of the casting.

After that, the police began one of the largest search operations in the entire Salt Lake County history (Salt Lake County). Search team combed the next area, searched the fields and the nearby mountains; divers probed the bottom of ponds and lakes, and buyers from supermarkets, which disappeared Davis agreed to undergo hypnosis to from their subconscious could extract more information about the kidnappers. Leaflets have been printed with the message about the award of $ 20,000 in exchange for information about the missing boy, as well as connected FBI. However, no trace of Davis was found.

Almost two years later, 23 June 1983, Bishop struck another blow. He kidnapped Troy Ward (Troy Ward) from the park near his home the next day after his sixth birthday. Bishop beat the boy and drowned in a bathtub. A month later, July 14, pedophile dealt with his last victim, 13-year-old Graham Cunningham (Graeme Cunningham). The boy had to go to camp with a friend in the company of an adult, but disappeared without a trace. This `vzroslym` was Arthur Bishop.

The police examined all the previous reports and found that Bishop (Roger Downs) lived in the vicinity of the four murders occurred and was familiar with the child`s parents of the fifth. The police called the Downs for interrogation under the pretext that he could assist in the investigation of the disappearance of Cunningham. At the police station I was able to learn the real name Downs, and then make his confession in the murder of all five children. It is not known what methods were extracted recognition.

The next day, Bishop showed police the burial place of three of the victims near the town of Cedar Fort, and then two more near Big Cottonwood Creek (Big Cottonwood Creek). The killer told police that he felt excited when butchered children, and said, `I would have done it snova`.

Bishop was arraigned Feb. 27, 1984-th. During the hearing, he argued that addiction to child pornography resulted in his perverted sexual fantasies kotoryi drove him to the real action. Court lasted six weeks; March 19, 1984 the first Bishop was found guilty on five counts of kidnapping with aggravating circumstances and one count of sexual abuse of minors. He was sentenced to death. After the verdict Arthur apologized to the families of their victims and made a request that the case in its lethal injection was applied.

He later wrote in his letter: `I`m sentenced for the murder of a homosexual pedophile and pornography was a determining factor in my death. Once I began to feel sexually attracted to boys, and I began to represent them in their fantasies naked. Some bookstores offer books on sex education or art, which sometimes include pictures of naked boys. I bought these books and used them for my fantasies ... Search and acquisition of materials inciting lust became my obsession. In my opinion, viewing pornography activated the explosive mechanism. I roused myself - and had to meet my excitement or explode. All the boys turned into sex objects. My conscience has lost sensitivity and my sexual appetite had complete control of my deystviya`.

Arthur Gary Bishop was executed by lethal injection June 10, 1988-th. Before the execution, he again expressed his remorse for his crimes.

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