Aron Davidson

Picture of Aron Davidson

Date of Birth: 05/12/1921

Age: 91

Place of birth: Schors

Citizenship: Russia


The son of a store employee M. Davidson (1888-1960) and a dentist RG Efrosman (1892-1964). The family had four children, two of them senior - Boris and Aron - became well-known scientists.

In 1938, Davidson AM from the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute, which trains specialists for the steel industry. Since the beginning of the Great Patriotic War as a volunteer she went to the front, but in December 1941 the reserve was due to heavy wounds.

From January 1942 he began working in the village Studenoyablonevka Stalingrad area in Lenin collective farm accountant.

He worked as an accountant until June 1942, and from July 1942 to March 1944 AM Davidson began to work in the same farm school teacher of physics and mathematics. In the same school, he met his future wife Nadezhda Markovna Bovitunenko, an elementary school teacher. In Studenoyablonevka village in 1943 he was born his first daughter - Valentina.

The Communist Party A. M. Davidson came in July 1944goda.

In 1944 he returned to the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute, and was soon elected secretary of the Komsomol committee. In 1944 he was appointed to the Central Committee of Komsomol Komsomol Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute.

In March 1944, AM Davidson recovered as a student at the Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute, and in 1947 he graduated with a degree in "Distributors".

In 1949, AM Davidson defended his thesis entitled "Thermal work soaking pits." The supervisor of his work was the head of the "metallurgical furnaces" Dnepropetrovsk Metallurgical Institute Professor Noah Yul`evich Thais. After defending his doctoral dissertation he was sent to Zhdanov Metallurgical Institute, where he became a senior lecturer at the Department of Energy and metallurgical furnaces.

In August 1950, Davidson AM was sent to work in the North Caucasus Mining and Metallurgical Institute, where he became a senior lecturer at the department of general metallurgy. In NCIMM he had to actually relearn, because he previously specialized in iron and steel, and NCIMM trained professionals in the field of ferrous metallurgy. From November 1951 Davidson AM - associate professor of his department.

Ludmila - In 1952, the second daughter was born in his family. In the same year he was elected Secretary of the Party Committee NCIMM, and remained in this position until 1960.

He took part in an art institute amateur, he sang in the choir.

In 1952-1960 years - the party secretary NCIMM.

In 1960-1963 years - Vice President for Academic Affairs NCIMM.

In 1964 he defended his doctoral thesis on "Investigation of some furnaces and non-ferrous metallurgy technique to determine their optimal parameters.

In the years 1968-1991 - Head of Department "Theory and automation of metallurgical processes and furnaces" NCIMM.

From 1991 to June 24, 2012 Aaron M. Davidson continued to work for his department.

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor.

Author nauchnyhrabot 265, 19 patents and 3 patents.

Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Russia, Honored Worker of Science and Technology of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

He was awarded with "Labor Red Banner" (1971), "Badge of Honor" (1980), "World War II" 1st degree (1985), "Friendship" (2002), "For Merit" 4 degrees (2006) and 20 medals .

She has one daughter and three granddaughters.

Basic scientific results they obtained in the domain of rational flue gas temperature of the tubular rotary kiln calcination processes and optimizing the temperature housings of electrical furnaces.

At this point, at Pikalevo aluminum smelter operated by 3 tubular rotary kiln calcination of alumina, operating at a temperature of exhaust gases calculated on the basis of a doctoral thesis Davidson AM. 7 of these furnaces work at the Theological aluminum plant. The results of research activities have provided significant economic benefit.