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Hello. Please tell us the history of YurClub.ru. What events have contributed to the creation of the project?

-Year 1997 we with someone (answer me !!!) on ICQ discussed mutual aid lawyers - something like mutual aid among lawyers - each one of us (lawyers) usually specializes in something - someone who works on the land issues, some Labour, some customs ... to be an expert in all areas is not possible, and therefore the idea to share knowledge and experience on a commercial basis: for example, you to me will prompt something of labor law, and I ,, prompt you something in customs when necessary. Here is such a barter, in a word.

Such are the conditions of entry into YurKlub - free help within their competence to the other members of the club - are registered in our statute and under the conditions to become a member YurKlub.

How many YurKlub registered user? What opportunities get members of your club?

-I YurKlub there are so-called "directory of members YurKlub" - there have already been more than 12,000 people, and there is the directory in the first place to yuruslug potential customer could choose on the basis of specialization and area of ??operations, a potential artist yuruslug. Everyone who is in our catalog, we do not check, and do not try to check, we created a non-profit partnership "YurKlub", in which member we are confident and usually it is them, we recommend that, if we are approached by customers of legal services.

As you now position the YurClub.ru?

-YurKlub At the moment - this community. People communicate, share experiences, establish contacts, get married, have children, have a rest together. Geography YurKlub long been expanded - the last annual meeting held in Moscow, Samara, Yekaterinburg, at Lake Baikal, Kamchatka - that has allowed our members not only to expand trade ties, but also to look at our country, to broaden their horizons.

Is it possible to identify the main life stages YurClub.ru?

Yes, there were several stages:

1. The definition of ideology - grant aid in the framework of its competence, and its geographical position to the other members YurKlub.

2. The final determination YurKlub format - a place of communication and exchange between the lawyers themselves. "Non-lawyers" can come and ask something a lawyer - if the question seems interesting to them - they will answer differently - advise (and it is very correct) address to lawyers in the "real world."

On what sites you focused when you created YurClub.ru? Maybe in a foreign Internet there is a project on which YurClub.ru wanted to be like the format, to the spirit?

-No, Nothing like that, in our opinion, not in runet or on the Internet, was not, in any case, we did not know about it. It was something out of our "head", and as time has shown, the idea was very successful.

How many times in its history YurClub.ru change the design?

-In Fact, we are not much different from the version that was in the 98th year - the same tables, columns, rows - we are quite conservative :)

Therefore, the design is almost not changed - but, of course, occasionally the site bolted new chips - forums, chat, blogs, directory of members YurKlub, delivery, legal seminars, legal services, YurViki, bookstore, on ships, information, discussion and vessels, and living their judges. :)

In your opinion, is a popular topic in runet law? Do you feel a growing interest in this topic?

Yes, actually about 1998 Runet audience, especially the legal part of it began to expand. Now lawyers in runet thousands, while lawyers who use the Internet for communication and exchange of experience, there were several dozen in the whole country, at least judging by communication professionals on our website.

By the way, the number of people trying to resolve the question, drawing millions of rubles, with the help of the free, it is not known from whom received, consultations on the Internet, is growing and is not surprising.

And whether enough is currently in runet information and services on the law?

-Information - A lot. Issue as such information. For example, a lawyer can expect in his work for some reference and legal systems (SPS) - the type of consultative + Code Guarantor. Taking them, a person can be sure at some point that they used information is current and accurate. If it would be not so, theoretically, the user can make a claim to the PCA provider - we pay them money - we can for the money something with them to demand - and demand usually.

Perhaps for lawyers would be useful resource with unlimited access to legal information, the practice of the courts, to information about their activities. But how to do it technically - we have not yet understood. And who will be financed by the creation and support of such a resource - we are also not yet clear.

Does YurClub.ru any award, awards?

No, we avoided any Runet Prize side - probably because we did not participate in them :)

As initially spun YurClub.ru? Did you have some special "raskrutochnye" moves?

-In Fact - it was not. At some stage we helped kodeks.net - helped us with a hosting with a domain name - lawyerclub.kodeks.net - then it was cool and very much, so great thanks to them.

Then we grew up, to register for a domain name yurclub.ru, moved to a separate hosting, and then moved to its own dedicated server, a special thank you, by the way, the company`s infobox very attentive to us and our problems.

And how now advertised YurClub.ru?

-As We currently does not spin and do not advertise. We act as media sponsors seminars, conferences and meetings that are interesting to us, and we want to support.

Lawyers who start to use the Internet, sooner or later find out about the existence of YurKlub, come to us, and if they are satisfied with the format of our conversation, stay with us.

Do YurClub.ru competitors in RuNet?

No, we think not. Periodically, there are attempts to create something similar, but they fail. In our opinion, due to the lack of the most important - a community around resource.

Also, we believe great to our advantage the fact that we did not originally set out to make some money on this resource, he usually worked in a minus, and only in recent times, due to both members YurKlub and advertisers, he It was to some extent to pay for itself.

Is it possible to say that YurClub.ru - profitable project?

-Tell Me, so at this point was stopped YurKlub unprofitable project.

How many people are working to support YurClub.ru?

-YurKlub Generally oversees Bereshchuk Arkady. The administration of the conference also involved the administrators and moderators of the number mentioned here: http://forum.yurclub.ru/index.php?act=Stats&CODE=leaders.

What would you advise to pay attention to the novice, just beginning to "live" on YurClub.ru?

-The Most interesting of our resources - this is our selection of articles on legal topics and our forum - Conference YurKlub - difficult to name those things, that it was not discussed :)

Therefore, the board will not differ from the Council for communication to any other site - start with "search". Make sure that a similar issue was not discussed, and start a new topic. If a similar topic was discussed - the discussion will continue in the current branch.

How often YurClub.ru added news? On what basis do you select them?

-News On our site are added about once a day. The criterion for adding news on our site is the potential usefulness of the information contained in the news for the members of our club. If the news does not meet these requirements - it is most likely on our website does not appear.

On what basis do you add a new article to the "Materials"?

-We Publish almost all the articles that are sent to us for publication in the section "Materials". We publish the work, and students and professors. Frank delusions try not to publish, although the distinction between them and the work of genius is often very thin, so anything can happen.

In the near future it is planned to add to the system of publication of comments to articles. In our view, frankly delusional article if it will not be protected from publication, or at least, somehow locate :) Yes, and people who are planning to use contained in these articles the material 10 times think, after reading comments relevant to this article.

That is YurClub.ru ordinary readers can participate in filling the site?

Yes, we are open to publishing articles. In addition, some things you can post on our forum, it is possible that some of this will go into netlenku offline, and generation of lawyers will be aspirated to reread these "positions" :)

Which topic (or topics) YurClub.ru felt most interest readers?

-In Addition purely legal sections - General, Corporate, Real Estate, Litigation - there are also popular sections such as "Legal Business", "Home", "Miscellaneous", "Politics and History", "Rulemaking." The lawyers - not callous people, they see what is happening in the country, they have the desire and the opportunity to comment on current events, they do so in a rather peremptory form - affects professional nihilism and cynicism, but because uchastvovats discussing relevant events becomes very interesting :)

Tell us more about Legal Forum. Probability to get an exhaustive answer to the question - credit specialists. How do you attract (and hold) the forum of experts?

Forum on there by professionals, who are interested to discuss any specific problems among specialists - to show they are interested in your opinion and challenge the opinions of other experts - they are not interested to answer the basic questions of non-lawyers - for this there is a bunch of resources with the "free" legal advice, where and sent most of these issues - it`s not a free consultation - a place for communication professionals.

People who understand this difference, and become our regular participants.

How well you established contacts with legal off-line companies?

We`re very good cooperation with companies offering, for example, seminars for lawyers, video courses for lawyers, English for lawyers. In addition, there is a list of companies that we recommend to potential customers who come to us asking what the company can help them in a particular region on various issues. This list of companies is formed from the members of the Non-Commercial Partnership "Virtual Club Bar", which was created specifically for closer interaction of members YurKlub and potential customers.

What is the current attendance YurClub.ru?

-About 50,000 people a month.

Who is he - a visitor YurClub.ru?

-This Is usually a lawyer with experience from 2 to 10 years old, he is successful, he is interested in new people, he does not stand still.

What are the reviews YurClub.ru visitors about the project? Whether visitors influence the development YurClub.ru?

-Otzyvy users are mainly related to technical problems YurKlub that stimulates the development of our project. Suggestions about additional "chips" at the conference / forum are taken into account and put into practice, based on the popularity of requests for these missing features.

Do YurClub.ru offline-event parking for its users?

-such Events take place continuously in almost all large cities of Russia, and there is nothing stopping to hold such an event in any other city (that successfully and passes). On our site there is a corresponding section, where people discuss how the past meeting, and the next; each year the World Summit YurKlub, and have not had a single meeting, which would be spared the organizers :)

Has it in life YurClub.ru some funny situations?

-In General, the situation related to the fact that people get to know each other on the forum - so there is Hochma, that the one who first asked to give advice and in his favor, and if over time there is a representative of the other party, the councils his favor and no one would give him - like, have time to ask :)

Is it possible to learn about the plans YurClub.ru?

-We Plan to attract outsourced company that will enable us to form a team, which will bring together into one all of our projects and will implement all of our ideas.