Picture of Aristipp

Date of Birth: 0435

Age: 80

Nationality: Greece


At the end of his life, probably he returned to Cyrene, where he lived with his daughter Aretha. - A. argued that because of his philosophy, he found inner freedom which allows him to have fun (hedone) of any situation, regardless of the wealth. A. Works (including dialogues and diatribes) were killed. Teachings A. and anecdotes about him are preserved mainly in Diogenes Laertius and come from the collection, which was created later, in the beginning of the III. BC. e.

It is impossible, however, to accurately determine the extent to which this tradition doxographical reflect the views of A. It is also a question of debate whether to consider the founder of the school of philosophy A. Cyrenaica, or it was his grandson Aristippus the Younger, called Metrodidaktos (student of his mother), which He created a whole system of hedonism, based on his grandfather`s views. The main category of doctrine, known as A, limited by ethical questions, it was fun, understood physically. Getting the pleasures that the philosopher, however, manages, is true happiness (eudaimonia). Later Cyrenaica (ie followers of the teachings of A. Anniker, Hegesias and Theodore) significantly changed these views. The school ceased to exist in the middle of the III. BC. e. Plato regarded with distaste A: especially he emphasized in the Phaedo the absence of A. at the death of Socrates, as well as criticizing hedonism A. (without naming it) in the Philebus. In Memoirs of Socrates Xenophon presented Socrates argues against A. He was the protagonist of the works of Speusippus and Stilpon from Megara (who condemned his views and way of life).