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Date of Birth: 11/26/1975

Age: 40

Birthplace: Penza

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Maria Alexandrova

Website: Celebrities

As is often the case, at first an actor Anton`s career and never dreamed of, although his grandfather - the People`s Artist Mikhail Y. Kaplan - worked in the Drama Theatre in Penza; his mother - a musician. But Anton attracted more than a sport. In school and then came the coaches - the boxing, the fencing, the equestrian, the martial arts. And he managed to work out each of these sports. The result - a broken nose and four teeth knocked out. In the end, he chose "piece of iron", hoping in the future to become a coach. And although the sports stars of it did not work, after all it is useful to work on roles. Looking ahead, we can say that Makarska is now not throw the sport, practicing martial arts than to keep yourself in great shape.

But all in order. After high school, Anton entered the Pedagogical Institute at the Department of Physical Education, and took it back without examinations. However, he still decided to try their luck, came from Penza to Moscow and tried to do the right and the Shchukin School and Schepkinskoe and GITIS. "In the end, I hit the" pike "- Anton says -. I started quite lazy, but I soon realized that there is need to work hard this profession to be valid, otherwise it will retaliate became fanatically engaged in thoughts was not going to earn when there is nothing.... was there, he took a guitar and go out into the street. on bread and water is enough. I`m still very nepriveredliv food and forbid his wife to engage in cooking. "

In 1998 Makarskii graduated from drama school. After the distribution was in the theater Mark Rozovsky. The roles he was offered such, which could only dream of. But he decided that the Repertory Theatre will turn it into an artisan, and went to "give" to the military commissariat. Got Anton in the internal forces, where in company of convoy passed basic training. But two months later, he identified the Song and Dance Ensemble of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. So sang all the years of military ...

After the army Anton few months looking for something for everyone, I worked in television. And when the competition was announced in the musical "Metro", I decided to audition. "This musical subsequently made me" a man who sings ", - says Anton -.. In addition, it was there that I met my wife, Victoria I immediately recognized her as the girl of my dreams that only I did to win her.! and serenaded with romances sang and read poems. But all in vain. She remained indifferent. " Melt the heart of beautiful Makarska managed to buying men`s tears. Once Vick told Anton love story of Marc Chagall and his wife Bella - and was surprised to see that her eyes deeply moved admirer on a wet place. Victoria realized that she was just such a romantic and waited for all his life, although many said to her: "Vic, you`re crazy Why do you want this actor - no name, no money better Think about his career!?!"

A year later they were married in a chapel near Moscow. "The wedding we had an amazing, - said Anton - We Vika people are extreme, and therefore were dressed appropriately:. I`m in a leather bandana, a T-shirt with detached sleeves, the bride - in jeans, a veil and pink glasses However, in the church of her. ordered to wear over jeans skirt. at the ceremony gathered almost the entire cast of the musical "Metro". And after the wedding, we invited guests ... in the forest. They collected all our bustling artistic company gained roach, kebabs, swam all night. we presented the dishes -. our first dishes Philip congratulated us on the phone, and we will reply promised that his son is called after him. " Among other things, they signed for the registry office only this summer, three years after the wedding ...

Six years ago, the astrologer Pavel Globa told aspiring singer Vika Morozova: "You have a chance to be a superstar, but most likely you do not want to use it You will have a wonderful husband, and you will only think about my family..." "I thought I came to Moscow to become a star - says Victoria - Now I understand: the main thing - that I met Anton."

In the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" Anton and Victoria worked together. Anton played the role of Phoebus de Shatopera. On listening to recorded several tracks with different performers. They were sent to France and French chose Petkuna, Golubev and Makarska. According to Anton, with the role it "has fallen in popularity." There were days when he could not go an hour out of the theater, signing autographs. "Today I have come to the conclusion that exhausted itself in this genre, - says Anton -. I want to develop as a solo singer." When Makarskii decided to leave the "Notre Dame" and "Metro" Victoria supported him. One of the main reasons for their withdrawal is money: the fees are modest musical artists.

"When Anton decided to no longer work in musicals, was showered with offers, - Victoria says -. I decided to take on the responsibilities of the Director Prior to that I worked actively as a singer, and now am all her husband`s business and the legal profession, and producer, and press.. . -attashe I like this crazy dream to Anton worked as Karachentsov or Boyarsky, that is, as an actor, who plays in the theater and in film is removed, and gives concerts We get together with other artists -.. Evelyn Bledans, Paul Maikov - a ride in the country with concerts in Soviet times there were concerts of different genres, which were all songs, the circus, the humor will try to do something like that "...

In addition, Anton began to actively act in films. He acted in the film "Love adventure" on the novel by Guy de Maupassant, voiced hero DiCaprio in the movie "Catch Me If You Can," is now playing in the TV series "Poor Nastya". On the role of Prince Dolgoruky in "Poor Nastya" one of the directors of the series, Peter Stein was looking for an actor with a distinct Slavic appearance. But when he saw the brown-eyed brunette on samples Makarska in military uniform, with an impeccable bearing, do not hesitate to give him a role. However, with one condition: Anton using the lens turned into a handsome blue-eyed.

"At first it was difficult to get away from the image of the fatal beauty, which is imposed on me," Notre Dame ", - says Makarskii -. We have traveled a lot of salons, it is picked up lenses, but turned out great, because it`s a different energy I try to create an image of the soft,.. but inwardly strong man. Peter A. Stein advised me to wear glasses. For a person who wears glasses, usually hiding something. I`ve always been interested in those people with glasses. funny coincidence happened. The "Notre Dame" my hero torn between two women -. his fiancee Fleur de Lys and Esmeralda "Poor Nastya" Andrew is also torn between the bride and the maid Natasha Repnina Tatiana Apparently, the plot with two women -. this is my karma stage. " By the way, Anton takes all the songs that sound in the TV series "Poor Nastya".

In parallel with the shooting of the series Makarskii with Dmitri and Pavel Maikov Dyuzheva rehearses a new musical play "Warrior Spirit" - the soldiers, past the "hot spots". He also recorded a solo album.

Victoria`s secret dream and Anton - to build a nice house in France, where they spent their honeymoon. The house in which they will live with their children. And you can not even doubt they will realize this dream.

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