Antoaneta Vassileva

Picture of Antoaneta Vassileva

Date of Birth: 1960

Age: 55

Citizenship: Bulgaria

Bulgarian ekonomistka international class

Bulgarian ekonomistka, professor of global economy and international economic relations from the University of National and International Economics (University of National and World Economy). Since 2011, the University takes in the position of dean of the faculty of international economics and politics.

Education Antoaneta received within the walls of the Higher Institute of Economics of Karl Marx (Karl Marx Higher Institute of Economics) - the predecessor of the University of National and International Economics. She graduated from the Institute Vassileva in 1984 with honors.

In 1997, Vassileva took a course at the Institute of Advanced Studies of Barcelona Business (Barcelona Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa); in 1997 and 1998, she studied at the London Metropolitan University Business School (London City University Business School).

In 2005, Antoaneta successfully completed a course at the University of Asia Pacific (Asia Pacific University) in Beppu, Japan (Beppu, Japan).

In 2000, Bulgarian Antoaneta received a doctorate in economics, in 2002 - a doctorate in business administration (in the US).

At this point Vasileva teaches courses on various aspects of doing business in the international and regional levels, and international marketing courses at the undergraduate and master`s programs; lectures and leads workshops Antoaneta in Bulgarian and English. It is known that Antoaneta periodically involved in the learning process of other universities - so she performed several times at universities in Poland and Japan; In addition, Vassileva invited to the University of Nottingham Trent (Nottingham Trent University) in the UK.

In the period from 2002 to 2006 Antoaneta served as Director of the Center for International Economics, Policy and Law (Center for International Economics, Politics and Law); It operates the facility as part of the additional training programs of the same University of National and International Economics. We also know that Vassileva pioneered the development of the Center of control skills (Center for Management Skills Development); Now she lectures at the Bulgarian-Japanese course `Global Management and liderstvo`.

Antoaneta Vassileva is actively involved in various research projects and programs, both national and international level; Still actively Professor Milanova working on educational programs - such as projects for the training and development of existing skills and learn new technologies. Among the most interesting projects in one way or another been involved Vassileva, of particular note are joint projects in Bulgaria and Japan, Bulgaria and Italy, Bulgaria and Belgium. It Antoaneta resorted fairly large organizations of the Bulgarian and European level; Vassileva studied the competitiveness of export-oriented part of the Bulgarian industry and the intricacies of budget reform and future financing of the European Union.

The results of their research Antoaneta Vassileva regularly publish in prestigious scientific journals, both at home and abroad. Experience of professor are not just theoretical - it has worked with a number of well-known financial companies, and well versed in the practical realities of the modern economy. It is known that Antoaneta Vasileva married to a major shareholder `Corporate Commercial Bank AD` Tsvetan Vasilev (Tzvetan Vassilev).