Anne Parillaud

Picture of Anne Parillaud

Date of Birth: 06/05/1960

Age: 56

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


Anne Parillaud. Born on May 6, 1960. She played in 24 films. The most famous tape with her participation: "Nikita," "Intimate scenes", "Man in the Iron Mask".

For Anne Parillaud film - it is a way to escape from itself. Her life is ordinary, and the screen is too prosaic. Now Anne Parillaud can admit it: the movie allows her to break the rules, be crazy, be different, be different.

The brightest "defendant" actress - it`s certainly Nikita. The same cult, bessonovskoy Nikita, which many people associate only with the physical strength and ability to shoot straight. Camu Anne Parillaud Nikita attracted primarily to their state of mind, a special psychological world, over which in his leisure hours can be long to ponder.

Luc Besson has played a significant role in career and personal life of the actress. It briefly became his muse, and he became the father of her daughter, who surely wants to follow the example of actor Anne Parillaud.

Choosing roles, Anne Parillaud be instinct, which, incidentally, is cheating on her is quite rare. Each of its action on the site is driven by love - love for the heroine and to create movies. Working with the director, Parillaud prefers not to think, and be given full emotions. But emotions can not be programmed.