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Grandmother Olympic LugeProfessional sport is often called the lot of the young ; it is assumed that somewhere after 30 years of professional athletes, willy- nilly, to retrain as a coach or seek a different calling in life. Anne Abernathy is a living refutation of this thesis - behind her already 6 Olympics in 2016-om Anna is going to speak again at the Games in 63 years.

Among modern sanochnitsa Anna Abernathy - a phenomenon that is truly unique. Olympics 2006, for it was the sixth in a row ; despite his age, Anna was able to fully compete with younger rivals - and consistently held a place in the 20 -ke the world rankings. error status: 400that her body settled non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Athlete struggled with a dangerous disease, and proceeded the struggle with varying success - sometimes cancer departed, but later he came back to Anna again. Abernathy history of the struggle with cancer has remained a mystery for a long time ;it told the public just before the Olympics in Nagano - and history was awarded to the editorial `Washington Post`.

At the Olympic Games in Albertville (Albertville) Anna Abernathy became the first athlete to overcome the track with a camera on the projectile. Pozzheza this unusual achievement Anna was even nominated for ` Emmi` ,in one of the technical categories.

At the Olympic Games in Lillehammer, Norway (Lillehammer, Norway) Abernathy became the first athlete that started to chronicle the games on the network is created by using AOL. The term ` blog` at that time was not known to anyone, but it is in fact a blog Anna and created. error status: 400At the World Championship 2004 Anna Abernathy finished 25th ; World Cup 2005 Anna had to miss due to injury three weeks ago in Italy.

Anne Abernathy Injury had to obtain before - so the accident on the race of the World Cup in Altenberg, Germany, cost Abernathy serious brain injury.error status: 400despite some non-standard, it was quite successful ; Abernathy could return to duty at the time of the qualifying games of the Winter Olympics of 2002. History of the accident and the subsequent recovery later formed the basis of one of the episodes of the project `Discovery Health Channel`` Impact: Stories of Survival`.error status: 400during the preparations for the next contest of the Olympic series Abernathy unsuccessfully fallen, seriously damaging the wrist and shoulder blade. Injuries forced Anna to refuse further participation in the games.

It is known that in 2016 Abernathy plans to return to the Olympic Games ; This time, however, it will not act as a sled, but with a bow

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Anne Abernathy picture
Anne Abernathy photo
Anne Abernathy image
Anne Abernathy pic
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