Anna Walentynowicz

Picture of Anna Walentynowicz

Date of Birth: 08/15/1929

Age: 80

Place of birth: a. Garden Goshchansky district of Rivne region

Citizenship: Russia


Maiden Name Lyubchik. She graduated four classes. It has become an orphan at the age of ten. Wandering during the war, he was in Gdansk. In Ukraine, she left her sister Olga, with whom they restored ties only in the 2000s.

She worked at the Gdansk shipyard Lenin since 1950, first as a welder, machinist and then a crane. Actively involved in union activities.

For participation in the trade union movement in the administration dismissed its August 7, 1980 (five months before the pension). administration`s decision provoked a strike, which began on August 14, 1980. As a result of the strike originated independent trade union "Solidarity", and Valentynovich and fired shortly after her Lech Walesa were reinstated.

In 1981, during a meeting with workers in Radom Poland, two employees of the Security Service with the assistance of an agent named Karol tried to poison her furosemide (accusations of poisoning were brought against them in 2009 by the Institute of National Remembrance).

During the martial law in Poland (1981-1983) after the violent suppression of strikes in Gdansk was interned. Valentynovich appeared in court March 9, 1983 in Grudziadz for the organization of the strike in 1981. At trial, attended by Lech Walesa. The defendant was sentenced to one and a half years in prison.

Was arrested on 4 December 1983 for taking part in an attempt to install a memorial plaque in honor of the mine miners