Anna Mikhalkova

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Age: 41

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

I need you and nobody else

Author: Elena Kutlovskaya

Website: Celebrities

- Anya, where you received acting training?

- Acting education I received at VGIK, the course Anatoly Romashin.

- In an interview with reporters, you often say that you are very open-minded person. Is it true?

- Yes, but by and large it is - self-defense. Because the public`s attitude toward my surname - originally biased. I am constantly confronted with either hostile to me or to servility. Both interest me equally, but I calmly refer to any communication and gladly allow people to assert themselves, and at the same time and to overcome own complexes.

- Many people know you in the role of a good aunt Ani program Good night, kids. Outside air you the same comfortable, good-natured and compassionate, or it`s just the TV image?

- The image, of course. People who have close contact with me, understand that this is just a small part of me. I love children, childhood is extremely important topic for me at all, and I work in this program is not to make money. I have a principled position: to help children, because in our country, for them almost nothing is being done!

- Why have you held an actress, went to study at MGIMO?

- Because I`m a little acting. But I have not finished this education. I stayed the last six months - it was necessary to write a diploma. But due to the fact that the children were born - first Andrew, then Sergei, - I postponed the completion of education for an indefinite period. Besides, I knew that I would never engage in international law.

- You often give up on what you`re doing?

- In general, I in no way disappointed!

- Then what is the reason that you are constantly expanding circle of their professional activities: you and actress, and five minutes to a lawyer and an active leader of the Russian Cultural Foundation? Maybe we should focus on one thing?

- I am very much interested. For example, now I`m going to do producing activities, because I`m interested in the process of filmmaking. And the older I get, the more fun to create and build something myself. I like to organize. I have in fact no need to play to earn a piece of bread. Thank God, I have a happy choice, that, of course, rarely happens in people of our profession. But I was lucky.

- Do not you feel special drive from the acting profession?

- Testing, but I have no illusions about the actor raboty.Da, you can do something one and feel comfortable, but the acting profession is too dependent on the case of the director`s preferences. And I absolutely do not want to wait years for some roles, and then complain that their nedodali me. Or to say that I played is not what we would like. At the time, I had a frank failures. And now I understand what they were called.

I have for some time did not have enough faith in themselves. As a young man hesitated, then I realized it does not take someone else`s place under the sun, and began to feel very confident acting profession. But you must admit that art - it is by and large vkusovschina is the subjective opinions and subjective assessments, given the time, fashion, features national mentality. And that will not go away. How not to get away from the fact that I will always compare it with the pope, then with an uncle! Which exit? Only one way: through his work, through his own views, his perception of the world, its various activities and their freedom to become self-sufficient family unit in this team.

- And what were your steps after you realize that you have to become self-sufficient unit?

- To give just one example. I went to the director Serebrennikov and said: I have never worked in the theater, but I will work with you! I have no experience, but I have a fantastic opportunity, both human and acting.

- And what you said Kirill Serebrennikov?

- He was surprised! But I am sure that we will manage with them necessarily work. But now I do not want to say about it. Everything should be done only by overcoming herself, by overcoming self-doubt: it is necessary to always come to the person who you`re interested in, and say, I want you and no one else! All! And the most interesting thing is that as soon as you yourself start to believe in themselves - you start to believe, and others.

- Anya, you, as far as I know, since childhood church-going people. You perceive it as violence from family or do you sincerely believe in God?

- Understand that no one go to church does not make me, I sincerely religious man. For me, the church, the religion - the natural form of life.

- Do not you think that Orthodoxy is the form in which it exists today does not meet the requirements of modern life?

- Yes, people change, changing their way of thinking is changing the rhythm of life. Civilization teaches the person to ease and comfort throughout, including in the spiritual life. Orthodoxy also requires the identity of infinite inner work on yourself, and strict adherence to the tenets of the Church. Today we are witnessing around the following picture: The Church is not ready to go to meet the relentlessly advancing civilization process, it is not prepared to simplify the Orthodox canons in favor of ruthless time. Therefore, modern man is increasingly turning to more simple forms of religion, hence a spread in our country of various sects.

- You are able to break sharply with some well-established habits of life?

- (. Interrupts) I would say differently. There are people to stress. And there are people exposed to any outside influence, prone to depression. Such people are so attached to the bed of the usual life that will never change it. In this sense, I wonder, as there are some families. They live together for thirty years and it is absolutely not tolerate each other. Why do people suffer? Just because they are afraid to change something. Habit stressoneustoychivyh people - second nature! The most interesting thing is that, as a rule, and the husband and wife with equal force hate each other, but persistently - that`s scary! - Persistently live together. I do not understand!

- And you think that is often the case?

- Yes. And I would not want to live.

- So you are not a patriarchal man?

- I do not know. But I took the question: what is the common life of people? Should they be like-minded? What is their coexistence should be based? You know what else is interesting? Everyone passes some milestones experiencing some joy and disappointment, all of us think that we do not live like everyone else. What we will bypass the fate of the unfortunate, the sick and the needy. We will arrange your life is particularly well ... But time passes, and it turns out that as a result all things work exactly the same.

- Are you a pessimist?

- No. I`m an optimist. I do not joy. I is not never a bad mood. And understanding that our life is like the life of a neighbor - by and large gives a feeling of a kind of tolerance toward people. And over the years, I understand more and more: we are all equally worthy of respect and sympathy.

- You just Chekhovian view of the world!

- (Laughs.)

- Did you nothing annoying in others?

- I can not stand stupidity! But, on the other hand, I have a couple of girlfriends, who in their stupidity - adorable. Communicating with them - I am resting. By the way, the best performers were often very limited people. Cultural history knows many great actors who had nothing but scripts do not read. But at the same ihobrazy so identified with them that the impression that it is not enough public intellectuals.

- And who is your support in life?

- Prop can be found anywhere. Daughters often seek support from his father.

- And you too?

- I`m not an exception.

- What do you consider the most important in the relationship with his father?

- Partnership. And even better - a friendship.

- In our time, when the weaker sex seeks nothing to give the men who, in your view, should support a family?

- I`m much less clear scheme, when a woman includes a man, but I can not judge about the families in which everything is exactly what happens. Although I am convinced that the woman must necessarily earn some money, to not feel a hundred percent psychological dependence on men.

- How to distribute yayutsya means in your family?

- The fact that I earn - it`s mine. What it makes the husband - it`s ours.

- Let`s get back to the actress profession. Who are the directors you more comfortable to work with?

- With the Pope, of course. A wonderful actor said: When you are working with Mikhalkov - at this moment you are the closest person to him. Actors working with him under hypnosis. I can not otherwise explain. When the hypnotic state passes - they feel lonely and abandoned, although, in my opinion, the father is to blame for the fact that he has another project in which other actors are engaged.

- Tell me, you upset that the two actresses nominated for Nick for his film award went to Natalia Surkov not you?

- I am very happy for her. She is an actress of fantastic features. And it is little known outside of St. Petersburg, so her this prize more important than me. At the same time I know that our actors work are equivalent, so at least let her prize, although I - it does not matter. It`s like giving an award to the same person, because in the film we all Meshieva - a single ensemble. And most importantly - I was awfully glad I did not feel a moment`s envy of Natasha or discomfort drops over the fact that the prize was not for me.

- A sister Nadia you`re not jealous? Said Nikita loves her more than anyone else.

- We Nadia play more zeal for the pope, rather than actually experiencing it.

- You seem very balanced person.

- The way it is. I have a healthy psyche. I try not to do anything hysterically.

- Do you like things to be easy and simple?

- No, I love it when my work, even the most complex, given to me easily!