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Date of Birth: 06/15/1977

Age: 39

Place of birth: Neustrelitz (GDR)

Citizenship: Russia

Severe investigator and mystical Margarita

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Cybernetics, theater and first love

Anna Kovalchuk was born June 15, 1977 in the German town of Neustrelitz. Her family was famous for teaching talents. His father worked as a teacher at the institute in charge of the kindergarten mother and grandfather was a school principal. In addition to Anna`s parents brought the older brother Paul.

For a time the family lived in Yerevan and Moscow and then moved to Leningrad, where Anna and went to the first class. At school she was very fond of exact sciences and dreamed to be engaged in cybernetics. Perhaps she would be a good computer programmer, but one day her life changed dramatically.

After high school, Anya for the company went with a friend in the theater. She had decided to enter the Polytechnic Institute and did the math wonk. But since the exams were in the theater before, for the sake of interest Kovalchuk decided to try his hand at acting. And it has turned out. Anya first tour took place without any problems, but when she learned that the competition was thirty people in the place, I realized that it was fate. The mother did not oppose the choice daughters and even supported her. Then Kovalchuk decided to go further, because the word for her mother was law.

Here at the Institute of Music and Cinematography, Anna met her first husband - Anatoly Ilchenko. According to the actress, things were so. She needed to be interviewed on culture, which assumes knowledge of the theater premieres a year, about the history of literature, writers and poets of our time. Of course, she knew almost nothing, in fact preparing to enter the Polytechnic Institute, and the focus is on physics and mathematics. Then Anna asked for help from the Shred - applicants who have all called the smartest. They get to know and fall in love. According to Kovalchuk, he had such blue eyes, she immediately drowned in them.

Soon, Anna and Anatoly were enrolled in the group of Professor Shvederskogo and became classmates. Together, they rented a room in a communal apartment and planning to get married, but suddenly the fate separated them. After graduation, Anna remained in the Theater. Leningrad City Council, and Tolia did not find a decent job, I went to conquer Moscow. However, to live apart for a long time they could not. A year later, the girl Ilchenko sent a postcard with a gold ring. Without thinking, Anne moved to Moscow, and in the summer they were married.

Shvetsova Investigator

At a young Anna Kovalchuk pointed director Gennady Trostjanetsky, and soon she was the main actress of the theater. Among its most famous reincarnations include the role of Angelica in the play `Imaginary bolnoy` Daughters staged` Jacques and his gospodin`, Anna Karenina in the play `Karenin. Anna. Vronskiy`. And the pinnacle of her theatrical career is considered the role of Lilith in the production of `Bed for troih` on product Milorad Pavic.

The big movie Anna Kovalchuk made her debut in the film `Love zla` (1998) Vladimir Zaykina. Then there were a few bit parts, while in 2001, the actress has not learned the whole country. It happened due to the series` Secrets sledstviya` (2001-2013).

The role of the investigator Maria Shevtsova Anna went through a little trick. Kovalchuk was barely 22 years old, while Shvetsova scenario more than 30 years. But she is so pleased with the role that the questionnaire she pointed out the age of 29 years. A little make up and make yourself more mature, Anya went to trial. A few days later she was informed that she took the lead role.

However, the first act in the series was not easy. Cheerful and fun Ana was hard to get used to the image of a serious investigator. Helped actress screenwriter Elena Topilskaya, which in some measure was the prototype Shvetsova. The result - the love of the audience and the special prize at the international festival `Law & obschestvo`.

During the filming of the series was not without piquant situations. When several episodes were filmed, Anna learned that she was pregnant. The filmmakers decided to rewrite the script and continue shooting without hiding the pregnancy. As a result, virtually Kovalchuk gave birth in the frame. According to the actress, everything turned out beautifully and delicately. The birth went very well, and newborn girl Zlata played her first role. It turns out that the daughter of Anna and Anatoly from the first minute of his life became an actress.

Mystic Margarita

Despite fears to remain an actress one role, Kovalchuk was lucky, and she escaped this fate. Viewers will remember her in another way - a mysterious and mystical works of Margaret in the film adaptation of Bulgakov`s` Master and Margarita` (2005). Director Vladimir Bortko been looking for an actress for the role of Margaret, but as soon as he saw Anna, immediately offered her to play in the film. According to him, she was beautiful and intelligent, but also very similar to Bulgakov`s wife, Elena Sergeevna. And she, according Bortko `face of vremeni`.

Starred in the film, according to Kovalchuk, it was a little scary. After all, the novel is always around rumors, he was surrounded by mystique from the very inception. But to give up this role, Anna could not. Create an image of Margaret helped her diary Elena Sergeevna Bulgakova, as well as the manuscript of the novel thought Deacon Andrei Kuraev. All this has helped the actress to rethink the great work.

In 2005, Anna and Anatoly announced divorce. There were rumors that the reason for the gap began to shoot in the mystical film. Soon, however, the actress has denied them. According to her, their relationship with her husband has long been exhausted. After the shooting, they parted without mutual claims. After some time, I began dating Kovalchuk Oleg Kapustin. In 2007, they were married, and in 2010 was born the son Dobrynya.

Anna Kovalchuk continues to play in the theater and in the movies. Besides investigator Maria Shevtsova she could appear in the role of Sophia Fyodorovna Kolchak in the film `Admiral` (2008), Elizabeth in the film` And there was voyna` (2009), Princess Anastasia Troubetzkoy in the historical drama `Peter. Zaveschanie` (2011). There is no doubt that Anna Kovalchuk will delight viewers still many interesting roles.

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