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Date of Birth: 03/31/1853

Age: 54

Place of Birth: Satoraljaujhely

Citizenship: United States

And geologist and mountaineer, and the artist

Angelo Geylprin born in Satoraljaujhely, in Northern Hungary, on March 31 1853 (S & # 225; toralja & # 250; jhely, Hungary). He arrived in the United States from the Austrian Empire with his father Michael and brother Louis in 1856-m.

In 1876 Geylprin returned to Europe to complete their education program for two years. He studied at the Royal School of Mines in London (Royal School of Mines, London) and Imperial Geological Institute in Vienna (Imperial Geological Institution of Vienna). Angelo also received formal training in Florence (Geneva), which sought to know the intricacies of painting. In the same period he was in Hungary, where climbed the Carpathian Mountains (Carpathians), in Poland (Poland), where six months staying with relatives.

Geylprin became professor of Invertebrate Paleontology and geology professor at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia (Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia) in 1880. He was the curator of the museum of the Academy from 1883 till 1892 th. Angelo also was a professor of geology at the Free Institute of Science Wagner (Wagner Free Institute of Science) in Philadelphia from 1885 to 1890-th-th.

As Geylprin researcher went to a variety of travel, which are successfully alternated with teaching and writing activities. He attended Florida (Florida), Bermuda (Bermudas), Mexico (Mexico), Greenland (Greenland) and Martinique (Martinique), at the same time giving a lot of time working with the more approximate to its interests things. His skills climber repeatedly helped Angelo in his scientific work.

In 1886 Geylprin organized an expedition to the then still a little-studied the west coast of Florida. A year later he went to Bermuda with his students to study the coral reefs. In 1888, the geologist came to Mexico, where climbed several volcanoes, including Iztaccihuatl (Ixtaccihuatl), Nevado de Toluca (Nevado de Toluca), Pico de Orizaba (Pico de Orizaba) and Popocatepetl (Popocatepetl) . During climbing Geylprin received pinpoint your precise altitude barometric leveling. In addition, he shed light on the geology of the Yucatan (Yucatan) and coral reefs in the western part of the Gulf of Mexico (Gulf of Mexico).

In 1891 Geylprin went along with Robert Peary (Robert Peary) in an expedition to Greenland (Greenland). This trip, the main purpose of which was to prove that Greenland is an island, was organized by the Academy of Natural Sciences. Peary was the head of the team, moving to the north, and Geylprin led the people going to the west. The team also recently appeared about half a dozen scientists. These scientists, along with Angelo, collected the necessary data and returned to the United States, while the Peary was in Greenland. But next year Geylprin returned to Greenland, to lead an expedition Peary, which was to examine the nature of the island areas.

In 1902, when the eruption began Martinique Montagne Pelee (Montagne Pel & # 233; e), turned the Saint-Pierre (Saint-Pierre) in ashes Geylprin was one of the first scientists arrived to the scene. His works, photographs and eyewitness accounts collected were truly unique. He was the first geologist to climb the slope of the crater.

Angelo Geylprin died July 17, 1907-th. lilac colored jay (Cyanocorax heilprini) was named in his honor, as well as gaitiyskaya tree frog (Hypsiboas heilprini).

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