Andrey Zayonchkovskiy

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Date of Birth: 08/12/1862

Age: 63

Citizenship: Russia


Educated at St Nicholas Eng. College (1883) and Nicholas Academy of the General Staff (1888). Released in the 5th Battalion. On 01/01/1890 the senior adjutant of the 1st Guards Cavalry. division. In 1892-93 the company commander of the Life Guards regiment of Chasseurs. 9.12.1890-23.7.1895 senior aide of Staff of the Guards Corps, from 07.23.1895 the staff officer for special assignments at the headquarters I AK, from 28.09.1898 the staff officer for assignments at the headquarters of the troops the Guard and St. Petersburg VO. On 08.17.1902 he was when Grand Duke Mikhail Nikolayevich. On 18.05.1904 the commander of the 85th Infantry. Vyborg regiment, which joined the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-05. On 03.09.1905 the commander of the 2nd Brigade of the 3rd Siberian Infantry. division. For military distinctions awarded the golden arms (1906). On 09/07/1905 the general instructions for the commander in chief the troops the Guard and St. Petersburg VO. On 18.02.1906 the commander of the Life Guards Chasseur Regiment, 10.7.1908 with the commander of the 1st Brigade of the 1st Guards Infantry. division. At the same time in 1908-14 he served as Assistant Grand Duke Alexander Mikhailovich at the Sevastopol museum management. Close military theorist, author of many works, including "Eastern War 1853-56. due to her current political situation "(vols. 1-2, 1908-13). He appeared in print on specific issues, published a "Textbook of Applied Tactics" (Issue 1-2, 1899-1900); After the Russo-Japanese War, he denied the necessity of the military doctrine, assuming sufficient availability of only military theory. From 05.30.1912 Head 22 th, 07.30.1912 -37 th Infantry. Division, which became a world war. S` 27/03/1915 commander XXX AK, was part of the 9th Army. At the end of August. body transferred to the 8th Army gene. AA Brusilov. He participated in the composition of the 8th Army gene. AM Kaledin in the offensive of the Southwestern Front in the summer of 1916, which acted on Kovel direction. 26-27 May (June 8-9) crossed the Styr. During the counter-offensive of the army on June 22-26 (July 5-9) in the battles in goose smashed 2nd Austro-Hungarian housing and forced Stokhid. June 27-28 (July 10-11), the German army was forced to withdraw housing for 3. Stokhid, subsequent attempts to regain the position of success did not bring. In early July in the housing 3. The transferred gene group. VM Bezobrazov. Following the attack, 15 (28) July Stokhid forced and wedged into the enemy`s position, however, stopped the offensive BEZOBRAZOV body, trim it to lag behind the troops. After Romania entered the war, in July 1916 was appointed commander of the AK XLVII (61 th Infantry. Division, Major-General PN Simansky and 1st Serbian Volunteer Division Colonel S. Ha Qichao), designed to help an ally. 3. joined the North Dobrogea, where the body was a part of the 3rd Romanian Army gene. M, Aslan. 22.8 (4.9) .1916 3. with the support of the 19th Romanian Division went on the offensive on Bazard-zhik and 24 August. (September 6). Bulgarian troops forced to retreat. After the defeat of the Romanian troops and surrender on August 27. (9 September). Silistra body has absorbed the remnants of the retreating 3rd Romanian Army and formed Dobrudjan army, which was appointed commander 3. In the army, except the 61st Infantry., 3rd Cavalry. and 1st Serbian divisions, entered the 5th, 9th, 19th, and the remains of the 15th Romanian Divisions and 5th Cavalry. Calarasi team. The army was withdrawn from under the command of Aslan and transferred to the direct subordination of the king of Romania. August 31. (Sep 13). Pressurized Bulgarians led troops to Konadinskuyu position. Turning on a one-time line-Kobadin-Tuzla, 3. 1 (14) Sep. counter strike Kokadzhi have stopped promotion of the 3rd Bulgarian Army, and 4 (17) Sep. repulsed the enemy counterattack. 7 (20) Sep. Army subordinated to the gene. A. Averescu. In September. at the front there was a lull, and the troops 3. 30th Infantry were strengthened. Division (compiled together with the 3rd Cavalry. Division of the 6th Cavalry Corps, Lieutenant-General EA Leontovich), and the 115th Infantry. division. 6 (19), October. troops of Field Marshal von Mackensen A. troops broke through the arrangement 3. Kobadina, cut Chernovodskuyu railway and 9 (22) in October. Constanza took. 3. was forced to withdraw to the north on the Island position - Topologul - Eski - Baba - Golotvina put Dobrogea. After this setback, 3. Command 10.20.1916 passed the gene. VV Sakharov, under whom more powerful Danube army was formed. 22.10.1916 appointed commander of the XVIII AK. 04.02.1917 transferred to the reserve of officials at the headquarters of the Petrograd IN, and May 7 dismissed from the service with a uniform and a pension. In 1918 he joined Red military consisted elder clerk Organization Department Reporting and Management Approaches All-Organising roglavshtaba. Head of Staff 13th Army (1919), was in the possession and special instructions to the Head of the Field Staff of the Red Army, the Special Meeting of member Glavkoma. In 1922-26 Professor of the Military Academy of Red Army. The author of works on the history of World War II, including "World War 1914-18." (Vols. 1-2, M, 1938). He collaborated with the NKVD, according to his testimony, many military experts were arrested (in the case of "Spring").