Andrey Vladimirskiy

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Citizenship: Russia

Curriculum Vitae ( "The rulers of Russia", St. Petersburg "SATIS" 1993)

When and where he was born is not known; He was appointed by his father to the table St. Sophia, Novgorod but wanted his brother Alexander Nevsky in 1240 .; He went to his brother in Novgorod for help against the Germans in 1241 g .;

hurry to seek the favors of the Horde in 1247 on his father`s death, returned from there with the label grand and drove from the capital of his uncle Vladimir Svyatoslav Vsevolodovich in 1249 g .; wroth something Horde fled from Vladimir, almost captured by the Tatars in Pereslavl July 24, wife to wait in Pskov, left her in Kolyvan (Reval) and one was looking for salvation from the Swedes in 1252 g .;

I returned from overseas in the Suzdal prince of simple in 1253 g .; He traveled with his brother Alexander in the Horde in 1257 and 1258 years. and I would have to inherit his brother in the dignity of the Grand Duke, but died a few months after Alexander in 1264

His body was buried in Suzdal Cathedral of the Nativity of the Mother of God. Prince Andrew was married to the daughter of Prince Daniel Romanovich Galician, according to some accounts, Ustinov (see para. 185).