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Date of Birth: 08/10/1957

Age: 48

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


However, as is known, not all happen smoothly. As many as eight years St. Petersburg theatergoers seen Andrei Krasko on stage. It is difficult to say definitely why in his career were the years of calm. In the words of the paint, the theaters did not want to take it to the troupe, fearing his "irascible character in those days." In addition, the actor worked one season in the province - the theater of the city of Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovsk Oblast. It seems a year - quite a bit, but in this province every year can be regarded as seven. In the same town of Andrei Krasko he supervised children`s dance circle at the plant, but simply - put music on local diskoteke.K Fortunately, Krasko was soon invited to star director Dmitry Svetozarov and domestic film appeared incredibly organic and charming actor.

With the theater and did not develop. First broke the long silence directed by Peter Shereshevskii, invited Andrei Krasko in 1999 "Dog Waltz" in the play (by Leonid Andreev) in the theater "Shelter comedian". The play was a bright event of the season, and Andrei Krasko (Alexandrov) seen criticism. A year later, in February 2001, the actor played another premiere at the site of "Shelter comedian". At this time, the audience sympathized, laughed, indignant and applauded misadventures poet and alcoholic Venichka, V.Erofeeva protagonist of the poem "Moscow - Petushki".

Through participation in the film and television projects to the performances of Andrey Krasko come even those who do not like the theater and did not understand, and the name of the artist on the bill - a sure sign of a sold-out performance. In the nearest plans Krasko two adventurous, in his own opinion, statement. In the first case, very much I liked the material - the play "The Lower Depths" and character Satine. In the second case has attracted the company: director Yuri Butusov and the team of artists: K. Habensky, Porechenkov M., A. and A. Zibrov Waha.

Actor`s work:

1. Useless - 1980 (Drama)

2. Breakthrough - 1986 (catastrophe)

3. Don Cesar de Bazan - 1989 (musicals / musical)

4. Dogs - 1989 (Thriller)

5. City - 1990 (Romance)

6. Loch - the winner of the water - 1991 (Thriller)

7. Operation Happy New Year - 1996 (comedy)

8. Brother - 1997 (Action)

9. Schizophrenia - 1997 (Crime Drama)

10. Peculiarities of National Fishing - 1998 (comedy)

11. American - 1998 (Romance)

12. Agent of National Security - 1999 (series)

13. Checkpoint - 1999 (Action)

14. Gangster Petersburg - 2000 (series)

15. Sisters - 2001 (Drama)

16. Tycoon - 2002 (Social drama)

17. Kopek - 2002 ()

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