Andrey Kapitsa

Picture of Andrey Kapitsa

Date of Birth: 09/07/1931

Age: 80

Place of birth: Cambridge

Citizenship: Russia

Name obliges

Soviet proverb "a scientist can you not be, and the candidate is required to be" - not about him. He became a member of the Academy of Sciences, honored professor of Moscow State University, Director of the Pacific Institute of Geography, order bearers and the winner of every conceivable in the Soviet Union awards. That is to say, the front interior. Behind it - the ice of the Antarctic ocean reefs, depths of the earth and the climate of secrecy.

He made one of the latest geographical discoveries of the twentieth century. After processing the results of the First Soviet Antarctic Expedition of 1955-1957. He put forward the hypothesis of the existence of a huge lake under the "Vostok" station. The hypothesis was confirmed.

Yet the peak of his international, with a touch of scandal fame was a recent report in the British Royal Geographical Society. He was not afraid to question the established myths about global warming and ozone holes. These horror stories have been recognized by the Intergovernmental Conference Madrid, 1995 "scientific fact" and began to play a major political and economic role.

He said that a number of documents submitted to the UN opponents of the hypothesis of global warming, has completely disappeared. He boldly asserted the facts in hand, that over the past 30 years is not warming and slow cooling, and the "ozone hole" is weakly linked to human activity. Excess carbon dioxide also does not lead to "ecological apocalypse", and promotes crop yields.

The grandfather of the "heretic" was a legendary shipbuilder (Academician AN Krylov), his father - a Nobel laureate in physics, brother - known scientific popularizer and broadcaster. His name is Andrey Kapitsa.