Andrey Glybin

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Citizenship: Russia


Sirota Andrew began as early as infancy. The good people have picked up on one of his Taldykorgan Kazakhstan landfill and sent to an orphanage. And when the boy was 9 years old, he showed up in an orphanage childless couple who wished to adopt a child. Andrew gladly have given the education to new foster parents, and they took him away into the steppe, which in absolute wilderness and settled down their small estate. The couple were herdsmen kept a flock of sheep. Livestock breeding, production of meat, wool and hides engaged themselves without helpers. More hands on the farm they were needed. That`s why they took Andrew from the orphanage. Only the son of the couple was not needed. They needed a servant. Thus began a long life of hard labor.

- I was immediately sent to the sheep, - later she told Andrew - said that I will live with them, and yet I will look after them, to feed, cut hair and do everything I say. Otherwise - kill, and no one I would not seek. A feed will be that "will earn" ...

3 years Andrew has worked on their so-called parents. Occasionally it fall to pieces of cakes, the existence of saucers and spoons boy had completely forgotten. For the offense he was beaten and thrown here, with the sheep. From boy he became a hunted wild animal.

Double Andrei tried to escape from captivity, but his catch. From the estate of pastoralist people he led only one road on which they were taken away in a car and their goods. So the boy was running it on her. But how can a hungry and exhausted far to escape? And one day it dawned on Andrew: it is necessary to run the other way - the steppe. At night, he got out of the sheep pen and ran as he could.

- I ran until I could, - he remembers. - His head was spinning, falling. When he could rise again, again, ran, ran. I wanted to drink, but around - just bare steppe ... Then - I do not remember anything. When I opened my eyes, I was in the house of some people ...

Shepherd picked up Andrew unconscious, completely exhausted. He explained to them how managed that escaped from captivity. And they repented. Through acquaintances to send the child in the Kirov - in the local orphanage "Hope".

- When he came to us, was quite wild, I could not even offer full talk - so malosvyaznye scraps - says an employee of Tatyana Alexandrova shelter. - People Shugan, all dogs but the sheep "communicated". Cub ... We are so sorry for that boy that we have done everything possible so that he could know the life of a normal person.

For a long time Andrew taught to speak properly, to communicate with people, to dress, proper use of cutlery. With the help of the daughter of psychologist Tatiana Alexandrova he was able to go to the boy elementary school program for 2 years. Then he reached an agreement with the leadership of the Ulyanovsk Suvorov Military School, and they agreed to talk to Andrew. He was then 15 years old.

- As an orphan Andrew did not need to take the entrance examinations - said the commander of the 4th Company of the school Lieutenant Colonel Sergei Malanin - just needed to pass an interview. Of course, the knowledge he had terrible - at the level of 4th grade. But we are at your own risk repented and decided to enroll him. He already suffered much.

At first, Andrew was a lot of problems with fellow students. He has not yet learned how to communicate with them. And he had to deal with more than others. After the first year - as much as 8 deuces.

School of Management says that Andrew never gave offense to those who are weaker. Apparently, because he suffered a lot. But to convince the words he did not, so often blew his fists. In rotebyvali broken noses ... But in the 2nd year, he managed to catch up with their peers, and not inferior to them in knowledge.

- Patience is a remarkable guy - laughing Malanin. - He`s like a machine, could not sleep all night, do it. No work was not afraid, never whined, he complained. And I was not sick even once, even the common cold can not remember ... ate everything, and with pleasure. And that in fact know how many at first, after my mother`s pies ... the end of the study only thing he tormented us - plastic ruler of all stolen. It turned out that melted and make flower arrangements ...

By the end of the 3rd year Andrew has become one of the best students, has become a leader Suvorov KVN team, helped to take third place among the teams of all the city`s schools. So Andrew Glybin became one of the brightest release cadets in 2003.

- We held it in Novosibirsk enroll in a military school, - said the commander of the school on educational work of Colonel Anatoly Yasinevsky. - You`ll see - it will achieve a great deal, we`ll hear about it.

"Now I know my way, - said his friends before leaving Andrew - It - Army Now I know why I was born:.. To defend the motherland and all the weak and defenseless in our world."