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Bold, brash, incomparable

Now Andre Kirk Agassi (Andre Kirk Agassi) is a successful businessman and philanthropist, and a happy father of a family, whose appearance does not give grounds to suppose that he ever engaged in sports. However, this name is well known all over the world, even people far from the sport, but tennis fans still remember his legendary two-handed backhand, exciting game on the back line, almost ` ping pongovuyu` game speed. Giving tennis more than thirty years of his life, Agassi was one of the first racket of the world for almost twenty years ,and the end of his career was the most senior among the ATP ranking leader (Association of Tennis Professionals) . Agassi `s autobiography leaves no one indifferent : in the great tennis player lives were dizzying ups, family conflicts, violent novels, real friends, the scandals, drugs ,but the most important thing in his life became triumphal victory at the courts, which came to replace the deep attachment to his wife and children, and doing charity work.

Andre Agassi was born April 29, 1970 in Las Vegas. His father - a native of Iran with Armenian roots Emanuel (Manu) Agassi, who took after moving to the United States the name of Mike ,mother - American Elizabeth Dudley.

Biography Andre (as, indeed, and the life of the whole family Agassi) was formed under the influence unfulfilled childhood dream of his father. He really wanted to be a tennis player, but in the post-war Iran played tennis only British and American soldiers. Manu Agassi became famous boxer ,however, all of his children, he taught the game of tennis and coached until exhaustion. House Agassi in Las Vegas was very poor, but the courtyard was equipped with a tennis court, and Mike personally perfected devices for supplying balls and cleaning them with the earth. Daughter Tama Agassi showed no special athletic ability, the second daughter, Rita ,It has become quite successful tennis player, and his son Philip after resistance training has received a wrist injury and could not count on a good result. The appearance on the fourth child was unplanned light - doctors even suggested the disease and recommended surgery - but it was Mike Agassi another chance ,which fully met all his expectations. He hung over the crib son of tennis balls and gave him a racket ping-pong table, and then brought the child to the court as soon as he began to walk. Father Andre forced thousands to beat balls from the supply to the machine until the entire yard is not covered by them, oblivious to fatigue and anger son.At 10 years old Andre Agassi went to the second round of the Junior US Open, and a year later was already in the semifinals. At age 13 he entered the Bollettieri tennis academy in Florida. Despite the conflicts induced by challenging nature of a future tennis star, he was 14 years old became the US champion among youths to play indoors ,and with 16 years he began his professional career.

In 1986, Andre Agassi managed to enter the top hundred tennis players of the world and perform in a Grand Slam tournament at the US Open. The following year, he had already reached the semifinal of the tournament Grand Prix and became the 25th in the ranking of players.

In 1988, Agassi won six Grand Prix tournaments ,twice he reached the semifinal of a Grand Slam, at the US team led the team in the Davis Cup World League and the result was the 3rd in the world ranking.

Subsequently, he won the ATP World Championship (1990) , the Olympic Games in 1996, won all four Grand Slam tournaments, becoming the owner of the Golden Slam. Andre Agassi also won 26 matches Australian Open twice in the national team went into the Davis Cup final for 16 seasons, was a member of the top ten players. Thus Agassi often shocked viewers and judges outrageous antics - he could catch the ball demonstratively into the game, spit in the direction of the referee ,contend with rivals. The famous tennis player liked to shock others with their appearance ; he bought a private jet, neglected training regime, used drugs and junk food, do not hide it.

In 1993, Andre Agassi received a wrist injury. During treatment and forced inactivity introduced his correspondence with actress Brooke Shields, who was five years older than the famous tennis player. Communication with Brooke benefited Andre - he tightened the training regime, began to dress more reserved and even shaved his head. In 1997, the couple married, which lasted only two years. Heavy AACC character, his constant jealousy supplement and sports failures - in 1997, he played very badly and fell even below the position in the ranking, which once started a professional career.

Shortly after the divorce, Agassi went to the French Open and won it. The winner of the championship and became famous tennis player Steffi Graf, who at the same time announced the termination of sports performances. Between them established a close relationship. In October 2001, Andre and Steffi were married, and five days later was born their son, who was named Jaden Gil ;Two years later at the star couple had a daughter, Jazz Alley.

Life with a calm and sensible Steffi Agassi completely transformed. His outrageous antics and unhealthy habits in the past. In 2003, he became the first in the ATP rankings and the first ever to do it at that age and also hold this position for 14 weeks. However, numerous injuries have already made themselves felt. In 2005, Agassi reached the semifinal of a Grand Slam, becoming the most senior at the time finalist and entered the top ten, and stopped his career in 2006. His total earnings for all years of performances by more than 30 million dollars. Back in 1994, Andre Agassi founded his own educational foundation that promotes the restructuring of the school, and in 1997 - a sports club in Las Vegas, in which 2000 children are taught free of charge. In addition, it supports a variety of projects in the field of public health. Agassi name appears on the list of the International Tennis Hall of Fame Hall of Champions and the US ; under the portrait of the great tennis player appear three words : bold, incomparable

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