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Date of Birth: 09/20/1950

Age: 66

Birthplace: Taiwan

Citizenship: Taiwan

Angela Mao / Mao Fu Ying

Born in Taiwan. As a child, studied ballet, in 1958 was given to the school of the Beijing Opera, where she studied, in particular, together with James Tien (later - the star of hundreds of Kungfu-fighters). At 17, she won the lead female role in the fencing action movie "Angry River". This was followed by success of the film "The Fate Of Lee Khan", "The Association", "The Himalayans" and "Hapkido", thanks to which it was offered to her sister`s character role of Bruce Lee in the film "Enter the Dragon".

After the success of the movie "Enter the Dragon" in the West, including its small role, the West has purchased many of her movies. In the seventies, Mao Angela starred in many films that have become classics, kung fu fighters, in particular, in the movie "When taekwondo strikes" with the participation of Joon Ri. After her marriage she moved away from filming.

For the promotion of Hapkido his eponymous film Angela Mao was awarded the second dan in Hapkido.

Actor`s work:

1. Hapkido - 1972 (Action)

2. Enter the Dragon - 1973 (Action)

3. The Snake in the Eagle`s Shadow - 1978 (Action)

4. The deadly art - 1990 (video documentary)

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