Anatoly Wasserman

Picture of Anatoly Wasserman

Date of Birth: 09/12/1952

Age: 63

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Ukraine


Anatoly Wasserman (Anatoly Aleksandrovich Wasserman) was born on December 9, 1952, in Odessa, Ukrainian SSR (Odessa, USSR). He graduated from the Odessa Technological Institute of Refrigeration Industry (Odessa Technological Institute of Refrigeration Industry), now - Odessa State Academy of Refrigeration (Odessa State Academy of Cold), Department of Thermal Physics, an engineer Thermophysical.

After graduation Wasserman from August 1st 1974 to September 30th 1977, he worked as a programmer in the research sector of the Odessa Scientific-Production Association `Holodmash`. Then, from October 3rd 1977 to 23 th August 1995, he was a programmer (from 1980 - the system programmer) Odessa All-Union Scientific Research Institute `Pischepromavtomatika`.

Finally, on November 23, 1991 Anatoly still works as a journalist, in particular, from 1996 to 1999-th, for computer magazines. Since 6 September 1995 Wasserman is a political consultant in a team with Nurali Latypov (Nurali Latypov). In 1994, he put forward his candidacy in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine; in the constituency he took second place.

For the first time on television Wasserman appeared on October 14, 1989 in the game `What? Where? When? `Team Nurali Latypov, after which, together with the team of Viktor Morokhovsky (Victor Morohovsky) took part in a game show` Brain ring`. In the Russian version of the television game `Jeopardy!`, `Its Igra`, he won 15 victories in a row 2001-2002 and became the best player of the decade in 2004. Wasserman - two-time champion in the sports version of `His igry` and the main party game show` razuma` Games.

In addition to game shows, Anatoly has participated in many non-fiction television projects, including a come on a talk show. Generally, Wasserman has become very popular in RuNet because of its prohibitive erudition; Some Internet users have created an Internet meme `Facts about Anatoly Vassermane` by analogy with` joke Chuck Norris Facts (Chuck Norris) `. Jokers wrote that Wasserman has a superpower, which helps him to do anything you want, for example, divide by zero, and know about everything. Moreover, some `fakty` argue that actually Wasserman - the father of Chuck Norris, and therefore he has more power than Chuck.

Jokes of intellectuals born in Odessa, including his beard, manner of dress and vest with lots of pockets, which, according to him, weighs 7 kg, he Anatoly takes quite adequately, does not consider them offensive, and even some of them recognizes witty.

Anatoly Wasserman - an atheist by conviction. According to him, the absence of God emerges as a consequence of Godel`s incompleteness theorem.