Anatoliy Voronin

Picture of Anatoliy Voronin

Date of Birth: 01/01/1929

Age: 69

Citizenship: Russia


After graduating in 1955, soil biology and soil department of the Faculty of Voronin participated in Stalingrad (Volgograd) on the expedition shelterbelt afforestation. In 1960 he defended his thesis on the composition and properties of soil size fractions light-brown complex. In 1962, Voronin was sent to the head of the department of soil physics NA Kaczynski in the University of Aberdeen for training on erosion issues. Kaczynski has long tried to organize a study in the department of physical bases of erosion, but in the UK Voronin switched to research in the field of soil moisture thermodynamics.

Since that time, Voronin worked on energy and water interaction mechanisms with soil mineral particles. He developed a generalized model of adsorption of water vapor soil, shows a value of the soil surface in its functioning, the first time the regularities linking structure of a solid part of the soil with the energy status of soil moisture under different humidity. With the help of cross-sections of the curve OGH Voronin could most accurately express the hydrological potential through constant soil moisture.

His work laid the foundation for a new direction in the soil physics - structural and functional hydrophysics.

Voronin read at the Faculty of Soil Science course on soil physics, and for students of the Department of Physics and Reclamation conducted special courses "Energy and kinetics of soil moisture" and "Physics and chemistry of surface phenomena in soils". Prepared 29 candidates and 5 doctors of sciences.

Honorary titles, awards, prizes

* Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1980)

* Prize. MV Lomonosov II degree for the series of works "The theoretical and applied aspects of the structural and functional hydrophysics soils" (1987)

* Honored Scientist of Russia (1991)

* Prize. VR Williams for his work on soil physics (1993)

* Honorary Professor of Moscow State University (1996)


Author of over 170 scientific works, including 5 monographs:

* Soil and biogeocenotic research in forest Biogeocenoses (1980, co-authored)

* Structural and functional hydrophysics soil (1984)

* The mass transfer in disperse systems with water films (1988, co-authored)

* Surface water dispersible film structures (1988, co-authored)

* Soil formation and anthropogenesis: structural and functional aspects (1991, co-authored)

author of the textbook "Fundamentals of Soil Physics" (1986).