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Citizenship: Russia

I will send a greeting to Stalin ...

And once ...

Golden Childhood

"Anatoly, what are you doing there? Cooking lessons "- came out of the dark bedroom sleepy voice of the mother. "Yes, yes, mothers lessons" - posted a ten-year Tolia, diligently writing on a sheet of another erotic ditty.

- Oh, you can not imagine how charming ditties sounded on the evening of Ryazan! Young people sometimes clear up so that it is time to close your ears. After all, for more seasoned swagger ditties swearing. Sometimes in the evening flared downright neshutochnye "chastushka passion":

My milenok accordion -

I did songstress.

Well, what I used ..?

I just mischievous.

Despite the fact that his mother and grandmother in Anatolia were illiterate, he had to hide away their treasures. you never know what ...

Now Anatoly it as "golden" their childhood and calls: "Yes, times were hard and difficult life, but people somehow grown out of us, in my opinion, not bad!"

What if the demons, or divine providence

I GRADUATED Anatoly tenth grade, and then the war. Hiding from the Secondary Education Commission ( "sent to study and to war used more soon hit"), he volunteered for the front.

- A ditties? Is Well, you can forget about them? They were sung at war. Yes, what! In the summer of 1942 in the hospital of Saratov I recorded my first anti-Soviet ditty. So off we go! I primitive scrambled their treasures, replacing the word "communist" in the "fascist", "security officer" to "SS." But also uncouth doodle was clear about what it is really in question. The fear, of course, was but the excitement was stronger.

Somewhere procured Anatoly cover of one of the volumes of the Complete Works of Lenin and even began to add to their records, and the anti-Soviet ditties put in prudently done by the opening between the front and back sides of the self-made daddy, just in case, and he did not slow to introduce.

- Once in SMERSH call me. I go, but his hamstring shaking: what have I done? The captain puts me familiar with the records cover. "What is your education?" - "Ten classes." - "? Komsomolets" - "Yes." - "But how can you has managed to cover from the book of the leader of the world proletariat to shove his idiotic twaddle ?! What other covers do not find it here? "He read me a lecture, given leaflets and released to the world. And I, at that time a militant atheist, was ready on my knees to thank God for the fact that the security officer did not bother to see my daddy is better. We could in fact shot down the line for such anti-Soviet.

After one of the wounds found himself Anatoly in Siberia, Kemerovo hospital. Communication with Siberians has considerably enriched its collection.

- That`s where they were ditties! What is erotic that policy - with Ryazan and does not compare! I heard a lot of courage for the Siberians, and here even the breath away. On the other hand, what they fear - because they are the descendants of exiles and the bear walked with one spear ...

I will send a greeting to Stalin

And ditty in his honor.

He taught me on the farm

He does not work there.

The war ended, but the fear remained. Neither Stalin nor Khrushchev or Brezhnev disliked freethinkers. But a collection of folk songs, in spite of everything, continued to grow.

By communism we go -

Poultry farms are built,

A farmer sees the eggs,

When taking a bath.


Bucket of apples

From the garden we are.

Stalin and Hitler

Gemini throughout.

Now in the collection of Anatoly Volkov 60 thousand couplets.

Passions galore!

BUT, to paraphrase an old adage, not uniform ditties lives Anatoly.

Prior to retirement, Anatoly Volkov, 30 years teaching work at the school and led a circle in the House of Pioneers. Mastered sawing of metal and engraving on Plexiglas. Seriously engaged in a photo, then I learned how to repair the camera, a stereo camera tinkering. Invented by the original portable copying machine.

And recently became interested Anatoly Volkov manufacturer miniatures. With the help of a computer the size of a book made polnogtya. The Guinness Book of Records - the size of a fingernail. But on the authorship of an application does not supply Anatoly: "Yes, if I knew how to do it ..."