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Treat need to get away from you

Dr. Anatoly Volkov Russian identity known. In Volkov`s diet firmly "hooked" the Moscow elite of all ranks, from high-ranking officials, businessmen - to actors and directors, owners of newspapers and radio stations. "Volkovtsy" get to know each other on a slim figure and a healthy complexion and somewhat boring fastidiousness in the choice of food in restaurants and on common feasts.

Anatoly Viktorovich - the creator of the method of individual food intolerance, which is determined by a blood test. The main method of treatment the doctor is based on building human relationships with the environment called "food".

Volkov said that a significant part of the body all the problems connected with the fact that the "civilized people eat the food absolutely uncivilized. Moreover, he is abusing it. " The main difference Volkov power system from most diets is its individuality. A blood test every person has no analogue: Blood contains all the information about the organism. The clinic examine blood reaction to specific foods and identify the source of congestion. And then, according to the rules of power, dictated by your blood, the doctor picks up an individual diet. "Organism works well if we are able to carry loads, which provides us Wednesday. Physical, nutritional, geomagnetic, psychological, social - all sorts. Food - the most massive of all the load. If you identify and remove products that overload the system, the body will be able to get better, "- Dr. Volkov says. The validity of these words is confirmed by numerous followers of his method, including Mikhail Gorbachev, Galina Volchek and Mikhail Anybody and many, many, many ...

To begin, I suggest you think about what it means to the phrase "feel" ... I do not smell, taste, namely himself. I confess that I think about it made conversation with Anatoly Volkov. The word "treat" Dr. Volkov prefers the word "repair". And the word "disease" Anatoly Viktorovich can not stand. This, according to the philosophy of his method, only to fail. Failure tuned system, which is the human body. Of course, everyone is different, and therefore fails at all in different places. Because grocery lists and "red" and "green", that issue in the clinic Volkov after a blood test is also different. Losing weight through diet "by Volkov" - only the tip of the iceberg. At least that`s what I heard from friends, acquaintances and colleagues, except ordinary miracle can not name. Thinner colleague told as usual for him before the high pressure is now such that it is possible to fly into space. My friend, who suffered for many years the most severe asthma attacks, now almost forgotten about the inhaler. Mom`s friend, the lady skeptical of that, admitted that tormented her joint pains are gone. It`s real people. Such as real as those children who, as a pediatrician at the "first aid", Anatoly V. Volkov treated, and sometimes saved their lives. The children have grown up and are now coming to the clinic this time as adults.

Do you have many patients that you know from birth?

-was A very funny story. I came a young man of 28, and I feel somewhere I know him. I decided to say: "I am very familiar with your face." To which he replied: "Of course, my face is familiar to you - you were my doctor from my birth to three years."

Anatoly Viktorovich, I understand that it was a long time, but why did you choose to become a doctor?

-Children`s Dream was to become a zoologist. But at some point I realized that zoologists studying the dead animals, and the topic for themselves shut. There was only a medicine - it`s still about the living. I went to medical school, he studied for almost two years ... and threw - he could not understand what I`m actually doing. At the time, all universities were history of the party, scientific communism, and so on. And then, after serving in the army, it all came together in a kind of design, and I`m back after a sabbatical in the second year. Military service has given time to mature. I was in a funny place -

Circle steppe. With an I had my medical books, anatomy, something else. I read it all with pleasure, trying to understand - what is in fact the medical profession. I am so constituted that I need everything to be formulated.

How would you have formulated the philosophy of his method?

We`re learning how to communicate with the external environment as "food". We often do not understand it and do not feel.

(I do not mean the experts labels and menus in the restaurant.) It is a process of interaction between man and product. We do not understand where we live, what we eat, and in fact our body has yet to process all that we ate and display processing of the product. That technology, on which I watch the blood is considered to be wrong, because I see the blood behavior. But this technology has given me the opportunity to get away from the terrible curse of the generic medicine called "norm". We need something to compare, to understand this normal behavior or unusual.

What you define for a blood test, which is done in your clinic?

We determine just what foods a person allergic.

-If A blood test determines the products to which a person has an allergy, and if your method is aimed at the general improvement of the body, then how do we explain that all your patients lose weight?

Man loses weight, when his body is working properly. And being overweight does not appear from excessive eating and lack of function excretory systems.

The blood accumulates debris, and our immune system reacts to it, increasing the burden on putting out system. Features of the organism depends on what he was doing. A diet based on blood tests that we do, allows you to remove from the diet of those products for which the body spends an excessive amount of energy. A man of this product may be meat, the other - orange, the third - a cucumber.

I understand you are totally against drugs, in addition to some emergency. For example, a headache ...

-In 80% of cases 2-3 cups of water relieve headache faster than any pill. General pain, of course, if you are not knocked brickwork means that in this place there is something that the body can not wash. On the pain is always the flow of blood. There are, relatively speaking, there is swelling. Water - an important part of life in general ...

I read that you recommend to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water a day ...

In the winter time. In the summer, of course, more. Water is not a liquid - is the process of life. Our body is designed as a toilet, if there is no water in the tank, then the blockage occurs. And this one person clogging manifested in chronic rhinitis, asthma, in the other, the third in kidney stones or gall bladder and so forth.

But what about the swelling?

-Oteki - It is not the water, and protein that blood somewhere is trying to do. Blood protects itself. Edema - it is always a shortage of water.

What kind of water should you drink?

-Organizm Instinctively reaches for the water of life. Living water, it may not be sterile. To the water, which is sold in bottles, the fish will die immediately.

I heard that you are in the red list of patients and make tea and coffee.

-Not always. Typically, in the first stage. Or, if the blood is strongly dehydrated. Because coffee and tea quite sharp dehydrators. Wine also dehydrates better than tea or coffee. In general, the Russian language the word "drink" in the dictionary Dahl refers exclusively to clean water. Everything else - the food. If you drink a meal, your body does not understand action.

Anatoly Viktorovich, in your book, I read about a douche. And I want to tell you that sleep has become stronger, but in order to get enough sleep, I need all the same 7-8 hours ...

-Of Course, you also have a whole bunch of things, on which the body is spent, and it depends on the power. In pouring you save only the portion of the energy that is spent on synchronization. This is already enough to sleep properly. But the degree of deterioration of the body per day is quite high, so the recovery may be longer. That is, you need to sleep 7-8 instead of 4-5 hours.

It is believed that a diet - a treat for the wealthy. The quality of products, their correct preparation and so on ...

-As For cooking, the grill is in every modern stove. In addition, if you remove from the diet smoked delicacies and - here`s the economy.

That is sausage on your diet can not eat?

-Why? It is possible, but only if it rustic pork in the gut, for example. And if you need, according to the analysis, can be pork. If you are referring to a sausage factory, this solid supplements, as the body loves organic food.

Anatoly Viktorovich, your principles methodology fly around the world in the form of a catch phrase. For example, your theory: "The fact that lengthens the life of the product, shortens a person`s life." That is, the market every morning for fresh meat or fish?

-Generally Something in the old days it was well done. When we prepare a barbecue on the coals, there is very interesting reaction, which is accompanied by a large amount of energy. Therefore, a person easily eats skewers 2 - 400 grams. 400 grams of cooked meat, lukewarm or even preheated barbecue you will not eat. It will be a completely different product. I`m not talking about canned ...

Diet is perceived by many people as a constraint ...

-A Life in general is not a limitation? Why are we then from the window not to go outside, but still try to reach the first floor and get out? We do not perceive this as a limitation, because otherwise you can face break. And if you break it slowly over a period of 10 years, it is possible? There are all sorts of rubbish, and then say, "Oh! All collapsed! .. "

But there are people who believe that you need to eat to have fun.

-Listen, A man came to the restaurant to enjoy. Got. By the evening he comes home, his blood pressure rose. In the morning he was puffy-faced, but enjoyed the food. Pleasure need to get away from you. In this sense, food that gives this opportunity, right. And how can you have fun, destroying themselves? This masochism.

With regard to enforcement. I know that you are comfortable with smoking and do not force the patient to quit this bad habit ...

-If The person is just trying to quit smoking, he commits acts of violence on themselves. And if a person does not find a justification for this action, it happens naturally. I myself have in the recent past smoker with the experience. I smoked about a 67-year, but dropped in 2006. I tried to formulate for themselves the question: "And instead of what I actually smoke? What smoking does not allow me to do? "Imagine that the answer to this question, I laughed till you drop, because then, instead of what I smoke, for 35 years there is no as the reason. I put out the cigarette and forgot about it. This means that the task has been formulated correctly. The main argument - the senselessness of action.

I know from your patients that you get rid of them from serious diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. It is believed that they can not be cured ...

-When They say "incurable disease", it actually means that the way we treat, makes the disease incurable. Nothing else.

That is, cancer can also be treated?

-Of course. And that cancer in general nobody treated? Open the William Koch, look. This is America, the 19th year of the last century. One injection of homeopathy. And polio is also treated. And it is much more complicated than a cancer, because polio - a violation of the regulation, and cancer - are energy problems. In general, all that we see under the name of the disease - a reaction to any problem or task.