Anatoliy Vdovichenko

Picture of Anatoliy Vdovichenko

Date of Birth: 10/29/1953

Age: 63

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Ukraine

While being in bondage, wife married

Anatoly Vdovichenko month ago freed from captivity in Thailand, which had a long 14 years, appointed us time and meeting place: in the late evening at the supermarket "Tesco Lotus" on one of the busiest streets of the Thai capital - the road of King Rama IV. He admitted that he was checking whether a journalist is really the "Today" - who he claims to be, or the former owner, who is rotten, is trying to send for a purpose mediator for trading, or even a hitman to deal ...

As we found out, Anatoly came to work in Thailand in 1996, but after a couple of months, he took his passport, deprived of earnings. Fly home was not possible, the owner of "feeding breakfast", promising to pay all debts and scared, that would deprive or just sit down for the rest of life in prison if Vdovichenko try to get away from him. Communicate on the phone with family Anatoly not had the opportunity, and fearing for his life, did not dare to escape or contact our diplomats ... Only because of his close brothers spotted-Burmese, which Vdovichenko rotten on the host, managed to start the process on his release. On the history of the Ukrainian know local journalists - about him and removed the stories written in the newspapers. Our diplomats are due to this resonance learned about Vdovichenko and rescued him from captivity.

- In 1999 (the third year of slavery, - Ed.) I wrote a letter - that`s it. I then decided to keep these records - if something happens, people would hear about my story. From a letter: "I, Vdovichenko Anatoly arrived in Thailand in April 1996 on a business trip for 3 months at the invitation of the company" Kombiteks Corporation ", is a sales agent for oxygen equipment Odessa plant" Kislorodmash "... The purpose of business - the provision of engineering and assistance in the operation of the oxygen units set in Thailand and put in the work ... in July 1996, I received a serious personal injury - burns on his face and right hand ... It happened the day before returning home, and I could not go back.

Before the injury I received an offer to work for the company, which is owned by Mr. Satta Pansak. It concluded an oral agreement, which stipulates the following conditions: a monthly salary of 30,000 Baht (now the equivalent of $ 1000 - Ed.)., Housing and vehicle for personal use, the cost of a visa and the provision of medical care for a period of work by the employer. I agreed. But wages in full, I was only in the first 3 months of work. Further Mr. Pansak become shirk commitments, though assured that I will get the money. From time to time he paid a certain amount, sufficient to power, but no more ...

Equipment, operating 24 hours a day, wear, tools for routine maintenance are not allocated, so the inevitable failure. In case of serious damage to the machine repaired with scandals and threats in my address. Here are my recommendations are ignored. Spare not. Pansak deceiving everyone and everything.

Deceived appeared and I, but not the first and not the last. A year ago, in February 1998, it has been issued a work permit. Pansak asked for my passport formalities solutions. Since then, I have not seen a passport, and when asked to return, received assurances that he is in good order and safety.

To date, I do not have money for food, and fear for his passport. I think Pansak does not return it, firstly, because it is not extended the visa, and secondly, capitalizing on the absence of my passport, hoping that I will work without wages, and if I continue to demand them, he says, that the passport is lost, no money, and the government will not understand ... I`m worried for his life, because this man is capable of any meanness, if only to avoid paying debts - threats have been ... ".

This letter is not signed, it does not have the date of ...

- But it`s really written in 1999. I specifically picked it so long to tell, and you understand everything ...

We made inquiries at the company where you worked before leaving for Thailand, and heard that it was not a business trip, and you are almost on their own initiative, arrived here ...

- I do not know why they say that. I have worked at the plant "Kislorodmash" in the Department of operation, and then - in the department of foreign economic activity. There were paper, invitations ...

And you are quite legally arrived in Thailand?

- Of course. I had a visa, and Pansak afraid to miss such a specialist. He wanted to get me to stay, so I was dependent, and took the passport, and the salary stopped issuing. Threatened to kill, he fired a pistol into the air. Psychologically, too pressured. It is very hard to think about it. I felt inferior, unable to help themselves and the rest of the family in Odessa. The eldest daughter while studying at university, junior school. They need support, help ... I was depressed, increasingly came to thoughts of suicide. This was a nightmare. The future did not exist. In this condition, I was a very long time. With no one could not even speak properly. It is now, little by little, I started to move away, and then - it is terrible to remember ...

Links with no family?

- As long as the money, called ... Then Pansak forbidden to use the phone, and the connection was lost ...

You were completely isolated from the outside world?

- I was only a couple of books in Russian. One of them - the stories of Somerset Maugham. Both times I`ve re-read. It was an outlet. But Pansak them broke. There was another short-wave receiver - he broke it ...

What to listen for the receiver?

- "Voice of Russia", "Deutsche Welle" ...

But we were aware of some events in Ukraine?

- Very superficially. I have heard something about the "orange revolution", but why it is so named, I do not understand.

What is the factory where they worked?

- There were two factories. One in Banthelu, a suburb of Bangkok, the other - in the north of the Thai capital. I built another one, as it were, second-hand. Pansak not have launched its own - there was a little scrap, no documentation. But I did put into operation, and Pansak convinced that I stand and what to hold on to me. He jumped like a tick.

What is produced in these factories?

- Oxygen. The equipment operates around the clock, 24 hours. And fills cylinders with oxygen. We have a blue balloons, and Thais are black. Used in medicine as well as for welding, metal cutting, in other industries. Business is very profitable. Raw materials - air. Consumption - only for electricity and transport.

How many people were in the factories?

- Legally - only drivers. The rest worked illegally. The factory in Banthelu - 50 people Pansak then sold it, took out a loan and built a new one. But at the same time tax evaders.

In the factories, but you still worked and the Burmese, who helped you to be on the loose, and who else?

- It was still several Thais. My working day lasted 12 hours. But in the rest of the time I had to control the manufacturing process to troubleshoot damage. A Pansaku were all small. He knew to stop production - all fly upside down ...

His shooting he just scared or could deal really?

- He is very sneaky and capable of anything. I would not get dirty himself became. But not difficult to hire a hit man in Thailand ...

Running did not try?

- What`s the point? Because I did not have the documents, and if they were, then the visa in the passport has expired, and no one would understand whose fault is. I was afraid of the police - who would believe me? It is now my support of our diplomats. And then I thought I would die in a foreign land, and no one will ever know about it. How wisely I did not move, not drunk, very surprised. My heart was incredibly hard. And I did not see the output. All wore in itself.

Communicate with other workers?

- Pansak this prevented. He had informers who watched my every move. But I made friends with two brothers-Burmese Wine and Johnny. They treated me well, called uncle - uncle. And I taught them English. Pansak singled me a little money only for food - 500, 1000 baht per week ... From these sums, I slowly began to save for a mobile phone ... When the Burmese departed from Pansaka then wrote my address Odessa. Like hardly see each other again, but then be able to do something to help ...

Why did the brothers managed to escape, and you do not?

- They Pansak least something to pay, and I - just to food. And the documents they had. And they were released. I already had a mobile phone. And Wynn said he would write to my family ... Time passed. Suddenly he calls: "In half an hour wait for a surprise." And really - soon the phone rang ... and in the tube - Russian speech. And the voice of my younger daughter Marina ... I almost went crazy. He did not believe his ears ...

What feel then?

- Like a chip on my shoulder I fell. All of what I thought and that experienced and that kopilos day by day, year by year, flooded out ... if I moved the stone from the gravestone, under which there was a ...

And the first thing said Marina?

- He asked me why I did not file itself news. And when I told him about my troubles, he said he would try to help solve the problems associated with the Embassy, ??other institutions ...

Note the date when she called?

- It was my birthday - October 29, 2010.

But before you release it was still far!

- As I learned later, I began to look through the Ukrainian police, Interpol, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ... And in early December, I received a call from the Ukrainian Embassy in Thailand. Consul Konstantin Ivashchenko contacted my family and they gave my number ... I warned Ivashchenko that from Pansaka can expect something like: toss and drugs (in Thailand for it faces the death penalty), and the offender will do. Konstantin reassured that all is well. And he began to act is through diplomatic channels ...

Do Pansak change the relationship you once had a talk with him Ivaschenko?

- Oh, yes - he was frightened. I dug a hole, and got into it himself. He no longer knew what to do and what to do. How to give your passport, if there is overdue visa? How not to pay me all that is necessary? How to avoid liability if it will insist on payment and compensation?

And matters are dealt with?

- Omitting the details, which is not worth talking about, I note that Pansak indulge in cheating, falsification, offered to give a receipt for amounts that I did not get consulted with their lawyers, hid me in one of the houses belonging to him, trying to avoid publicity scandal. But in the end he was forced to send their passport and some money ... With the passport I went to our embassy, ??which issued a temporary document - a certificate of return to Ukraine ...

And then I wrote a paper about "Bangkok Post". Thai TV has removed the story. He saw a friend of mine by the name of Charat, with whom we have many years worked for the company "Siam Still Syndicate" in Indonesia and Thailand. Charat We have a friend in the department of special investigations - he asked him to join my story ... So do Thai law enforcement officers, union workers, immigration ... I even had to serve a day in the local prison - conditions there are horrible, the enemy does not want.

Why are you still in Bangkok?

- If you leave, I have to say goodbye to the idea of ??the entire amount that I should Pansak.

About what exactly?

- I plowed on free Thai host ... Let not be paid during the 14 years that I spent with him, but at least over 10. Let it be 1 million baht, or more than 30 thousand dollars (in January Vdovichenko called other figures. - 6 million baht, which is equivalent to $ 200 thousand - Ed.).. Well, one way ticket. And he does not agree - says there is no money. Although he is very rich. Rich and greedy. He promised to care, but I have not received even when, due to a short circuit injured. I was shocked, I was shaking. His face turned black, the hand - as a baked potato. Wedding ring had to be cut. Doctors saw burns left on a drip until morning, but Pansak banned ... I`m here almost lost all his teeth, the gums are swollen, it`s like scurvy ... I placable, and he did not wish bad, but for everything you need to answer.

Do you think you will be able to squeeze out of the offender at least something?

- I hope so. But Pansak never admit his guilt. And the criminal case against him has not yet been aroused. So, the chances of me not so much. And I can not be here long.

What do you like in Thailand, most of all?

- Native food. 5-6 years to get used to rice. And the bread Thai - it is like wool. Now, spicy food drink quietly. But I want our country, Ukrainian ... My mother is a great cook borscht mistress. Winter, red, green, summer. Here is her borscht most like ...

What children have?

- The eldest - a lawyer, the youngest - a flight attendant on a cruise ship. Now in the Caribbean.

They have their families?

- No, not yet married.

And how is your wife?

- Tatiana married. This is what I found myself just the other day.

I could not stand the unknown? I do not just silence, thinking that you threw it, and found a new family here?

- I can not judge Tatyana. She asked one question: "Why did not you call?" For all I was missing. And she had to raise daughters. I did not specify when or why she married. This is me, even my mother did not tell ...

Parents alive?

- Mother - Yes ... My father died a year ago, I did not wait. Until recently, he believed that his son was alive. My mother prayed for me, and my father believed.

What my mother said, when called?

- Cried ... And my little sister was crying .. And I could not hold back the tears ... They said they were looking for me, and now asked to come back faster.

How do you assess what happened: as a miracle case, good luck?

- Well ... In fact, I have buried himself alive. And only after a phone conversation with her daughter felt like a man ...

What helped to survive, to remain ourselves?

- Probably, all the same faith. He was an atheist, and there prayed. Even I meditated. Intuitively I felt that something sooner or later has to change.

What would you say to those compatriots who also appeared abroad in a difficult situation?

- Better, of course, it does not fall. And got - do not give up, do not let yourself break down and hope for the best. If anyone did not cause harm, the good will find you.

Themselves by nature - a good man?

- Do not know how to respond to evil with evil. And that`s my trouble.

What do the first duty, he returned to Ukraine?

- I`ll see my mother, daughter, sister. I will gather all the relatives, I have it big.

As they pass, while staying in Thailand?

- What will definitely be back ...

I`ve been to you a little salsa brought Ukrainian ...

- Wow! Thank you! Delicacy...

The book is not going to write about yourself?

- Would rather forget as a bad dream. And to start with a clean slate.