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Date of Birth: 01/14/1959

Age: 57

Birthplace: Tambov


The winner of the prize for best actor at the festival "Vivat, Cinema of Russia!" (2001, for the film "Envy of the Gods")

A boy from a progressive family

Anatoly Lobotsky born in Tambov in a very progressive for that time a family. Parents do not know firsthand what yoga, germinated wheat, "barefoot in the snow." Father Anatoly worked as a journalist, and his mother a librarian in the library Naryshkin. Here, among the books, and spent his childhood Anatoly.

At school, Anatoly fond of chemistry and geometry, was fond of sports, and on how to become an actor did not even care. More surprising was his decision to enter the director`s office of the Tambov branch of Moscow State Institute of Culture ...

From directors to actors

By the end of his studies at the Institute of Culture Anatoly he realized that he wanted to try his hand as an actor. According to him, this acting school can be obtained only in Moscow, so, after graduating in 1979, the Institute, the young man moved to the capital.

In Moscow, Anatoly Lobotsky enrolled in GITIS, where he studied with great teachers - Mark A. Zakharova and Andrey Aleksandrovich Goncharov. Goncharov and invited Anatolia in 1985 after the end of GITIS in the theater.

On the stage of the Moscow Academic Theatre. Mayakovsky Lobotsky Sergei debuted the role in the play "Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk". He recalls: "It was my first big theatrical work is already well-known play, where they played star. My partner, for example, was Natasha Gundareva ".

The role played by Sergei Lobotsky decade. During this time he became one of the leading actors of the theater. Mayakovsky. Among his most famous works - roles in "Fun Don Juan", "Children Vanyushina", "Victim of the century", "How do you catch the fancy."

Movie. The long road to fame

For a long time Anatoly Lobotsky was known only to the theater audience. The actor has always preferred the cinema theater (and even more television series), and therefore rarely filmed.

In the 90s he appeared on the screen in one of the first Russian TV series - "Little things of life." As recognized himself Anatoly: "To be honest, I went there out of curiosity, because it was one of my first experiences on television. Well, for the money ... "Later Lobotsky played a small role in the adventure drama Olga Marchenkova" Kill litsedeya ".

An unexpected turn in the actor`s life occurred in 2000, when he was already middle-aged and practically an unknown actor, he invited the main role in his film "Envy of the Gods" directed by Vladimir Menshov.

Initially it was assumed that the role of forty French journalist Andre will play the other actor. To name a famous French actor, under which, strictly speaking, to write the script. But he did take part in the shooting could not, and then accidentally found by acting agency Anatolia Lobotsky.

Anatoly says: "Why Menchov chose me - it is necessary to ask him. Apparently, he saw in me something that his suit, and I am very happy to work with him was not only a great honor but also a pleasure. "

The film, which tells of the love of the French journalist and an elderly Muscovite (it played Alentova Faith) caused a great response, both among professionals and among ordinary viewers. Millions of people have unexpectedly discovered a charming, smart, thin, stunningly beautiful artist.

Recent works

After the premiere of the film "Envy of the Gods" Vladimir Menshov in an interview, he said: "Our cinema overlooked Lobotsky talented actor. I find it difficult to name the reason why it happened. The emergence of this we have the hero-lover - a real rarity. Unfortunately, his future will not undertake to predict, because now people almost do not go to the movies. "

The fears proved groundless. Interest directors to person Anatoly Lobotsky increased many times. In 2001, he starred in several television series. In mnogoseriyke Vsevolod Shilovsky "People and shadows" actor played a tax inspector, in the series` On the corner at the Patriarchal 2 "- investigator

One of the last works of the actor - Pietro in Ukrainian series "Wolf."


Currently, Anatoly Lobotsky married to actress Yulia Rutberg. From former wife Olga Ibragimova, actress by training, Anatoly Anatolyevich adult son, who lives in Barnaul.

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